What makes my day (when it comes to writing)

On Wednesday, after I wrote my Cars tribute album and follow your dreams post, I received a lovely award from Chelsea Brown at The Jenny Mac Book Blog.  I was so touched, and it was coupled when later I pulled up the next novel to be published; The Timeless Nature of Patience is in that almost-ready stage, where all I’m doing is chasing any last typos and tweaking sentences.  Between Chelsea’s award for a Very Inspiring Blogger and the near-end revision stage, I was in a little spot of heaven.

My life is pretty simple; it’s about the morning Grape Nuts, tea, and writing (when I’m writing).  It’s a bagel and cream cheese for lunch, then editing in the afternoons.  Then my husband comes home and the work is set aside (unless I’m formatting for publication).  I can’t complain about a single thing (although sometimes I do), because I’m so blessed to do what I love, and in sharing that joy, I receive a thousand-fold what I put into it.  For what more can I ask?

So, per the stipulations of this award, here are seven things about me. I find inspiration from all sorts of sources; if this post (or any others) inspires you, consider yourself A Very Inspiring Blogger, and be sure to let me know!

1) I like walking in the dark, either early in the morning, or now in the evenings; it’s a privacy thing, like how marathon runner Joan Benoit trained in the very early morning hours for the 1984 Olympics.  That was the first time women would run the marathon, and she wanted to train without people asking what she was doing.

2) Similarly I prefer writing in my house, at my desk, staring out at hummingbirds.  If family is around, I pop in the earbuds, play some calm jazz, and keep right on trucking.

3) I love to sing, and I’m not half bad.

4) I love driving; the first vehicle I used with regularity was a white Chevy truck with a three-speed on the column.

5) After my faith and family, publishing novels has become one of the most rewarding gifts of my life.   It hasn’t been easy, but I am so grateful for this opportunity.  If it’s your dream, don’t let anyone tell you NO.

6) If there is one thing I’d still love to accomplish, it would be to fashion a flaky, melt-in-one’s-mouth pie crust.  Making pie crusts scares the bejeesus out of me!

7) As a teenager, I use to blow bubbles, Carefree Bubble Gum my preferred choice.  And I never had a bubble pop all over my face.

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