Small (and major) delights

I’m nearly done revising the last Alvin’s Farm novel, the next book in the pubbing queue.  Today I’ll look over the last chapter via my iPod, then read over the Word document.  Depending on how that goes (minimal tweaks, hopefully catching any last typos), that will be it.  If I tweak more than is good for me and the book, I’ll plop another version of it on the iPod, then one more glance at the Word doc, sort of like wash rinse repeat.  Releasing that novel will be a major thrill, in that the series will be complete, whew!  The small delight is just some prose I stumbled across in the revising, and what it means to me.

Each author reaches that point; reading some bit of their book and being stunned at how perfect it is.  Writers are always aware it could be better, but sometimes…  Sometimes we actually nail it, but you can’t go galavanting with a banner in your hand screaming, ‘I just wrote the most fantastic line of dialogue!’ or something equally ostentatious.  Yet, in the solitude, reading over those rather brilliant paragraphs or just one sentence, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Hot damn!  That is totally it!’

This morning I peeked at a photography site that always blows my mind; Patrick Latter is a blessed, hard-working genius.  He recently visited Hawaii, and what I absorbed this morning has to be included in this post, for two reasons.  1) To make your day just a little more beautiful.  2) I wonder if a photographer feels the same as I do when viewing a scene that will be snapped and forever immortalized.  In those seconds, maybe just one, as the picture is recorded, what do they see?

Books go through so many revisions, but once a picture is captured, well, cropping and tweaking commence, but the prep work for a photograph is before it has been taken.  Maybe that’s similar to how writers research, outline, etc.  That small moment of taking the picture is akin to how I write, word after word after word.  What remains afterwards, in the finished novel and photograph, is what remains forever.  Or in some cases, as long as the internet holds.

I’m probably not getting across all I want, I’ve not yet had any tea.  I just wanted to note that sometimes writers get it right.  (Or this writer is pretty darn close.)  Patrick Latter couldn’t have gotten it any more correct in Hawaii, or in any of his other shots.  Maybe it’s a nature versus nurture thing.  Maybe I need my morning cuppa.  Maybe beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.  If nothing else, it’s Monday, I’m almost done revising what is (currently) my favourite novel written by yours truly.  In a few minutes, I’ll have some tea.  Life is indeed very good.

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3 responses to “Small (and major) delights

  • wordsurfer

    Beauty, in whatever form, is always such a joy. And it’s great to see it in small things around you and I’d guess extremely satisfying to spot it in your own work.

  • diannegray

    Well done, Anna! There is no better feeling than getting it ‘right’ ;)

    Patrick’s pictures are amazing…

  • Jill Weatherholt

    Congratulations on nearing the finish line on your revisions! You’re so right, Patrick’s photography is amazing. I felt as if I was up in the heavens. Okay, you must need some tea because you failed to mention the 49er win yesterday over Miami! Congrats! All I can say is I’m glad my team isn’t the Cardinals!

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