Postcards from Camp

My Easter was lovely; after an afternoon with my most beloved, my husband drove us safely home through some fairly stormy weather.  I snapped shot after shot of what to me is like heaven, if I’m not in the bosom of my family.

Easter sky 1

Or writing; today I began Camp NaNoWriMo after a bit of a belated start, sharing breakfast with my husband, our eldest, and her husband.  Now it’s relatively late, well, it’s nearly time for baseball.  The writing took place mid-morning, and from the looks of it, will go on much longer than I thought.  I covered about a third of the outlined chapter, maybe a quarter.  This new novel is going to be long, or just not quite what I originally imagined.

Easter sky 2

Not like that’s a problem, it just is.

And on top of noveling, I’ve joining the fun at NaPoWriMo.  I’ve been playing around with poetry a little in 2013, but honestly, it’s my first love.  For this last month that I’m forty-six, I’m going to let it all hang out.  Not sure what forty-seven will bring, so let’s have one heck of a party now.

Easter sky 3

And in the meantime…  Well, I probably won’t be blogging much here.  My NaNo buddy Laura gave me the idea for Postcards from Camp title, so here’s some lovely peachy peace to her and all.  Scattered within this post are some of yesterday’s storm shots.  Hard to shoot from the speeding car with water on the window, but I’m a cloud junkie, just can’t help it.

Easter sky 4

I’m a writer too, can’t say no to words either.

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