Postcards from Camp: The Hounds of Love and War

Writing is going well, but I have to admit the beginning of the novel was dicey; it’s going to be long, very long, maybe more than one book.  Alvin’s Farm taught me not to discount a thing, so I’m faithfully writing, not worrying, just telling the story.

As for the poetry…  That has been a bigger thrill than I imagined, and today I took a huge step, perhaps over the edge.  During my afternoon walk, I listened to tunes from what I had thought was a defunct playlist, The Hounds of Love and War a shelved novel idea.  Yet, via Cheap Trick, Neil Young, Aerosmith, and Linda Ronstadt, suddenly that idea was firm in mind.  Coming home to baseball on the telly, my husband watching the Giants and Cardinals, I knew that day’s, and many of the next several, poem.  I would write “The Hounds of Love and War” in verse.

August 2011 at The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The National Mall

Which is complicated, for a few reasons; most of my poetry is confessional.  Most of it is while not short, certainly not epic.  And it’s an odd idea to squeeze a novel into verse.  But I’ve produced the first part, of how many, who knows!  Fortunately I had character sketches stashed away, in addition to the very necessary music.

I found this photo at an antique store; these are who I picture as the Nesmith siblings, as children, within the poem.

I found this photo at an antique store; these are who I picture as the Nesmith siblings, as children, within the poem.

I need to thank Miss Elliot Rose for her very inspiring quote, which transformed this novel, when I was going to write it as a novel.  Elliot’s words are just as meaningful as this work morphs into poetry: Peace is just a lot of hopes put together.

August 2011, The Vietnam Women's Memorial at The National Mall

Thanks to her mum Sarah for allowing me to use that priceless piece of wonder.  And thanks to my husband for taking me to Washington D.C. to see The National Mall.  And to Penny the basset, who proceeded Buttercup, in my basset realm.

Buttercup on Easter

And of course, thanks to Buttercup too.

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