A California native, I lived in the Britain for eleven years, moving back to The Golden State in spring of 2007.  I had the basics of one novel under my belt at that time, but a plethora of tales spilled in the ensuing years, leading me onto a path of independent publishing.  I ‘retired’ from indie publishing in 2013, spending the rest of the year writing short stories for Top Writers Block.  In October 2013, I jumped back into noveling with The Hawk, about a guy who, well…  Much to my surprise, that plot, initially considered as yet another brief tale, has turned into an epic saga all its own.

Fast forward to the first of February, 2014; I took my eldest daughter to a fabric store as a belated Christmas present.  However, I ended up leaving the shop with more fabric and notions than was good for me, initiating another hobby, that of quilting.  My first project was a nearly all-hand sewn effort, and many more wait in the wings.

So while I fashion quilts, The Hawk bubbles in my gray matter, as the rest of my catalogue lives in cyberspace.  Please feel free to peruse those tales, which range from literary fiction and family saga, poetry and sci-fi, short and not-so-limited tales too.  Not sure where the quilting will take me, but life is a fantastic journey.  While I always wanted to pen novels, I never imagined sewing quilts.  Keeping an open mind to all possibilities is the key.  And never forget to listen to your children, or those younger than you.  Wisdom emerges from all corners.  We just have to remain receptive to those gems.

Now back to sewing.  Or writing.  But probably not cleaning my house…

Trying to fill the last two open slots...

Trying to fill the last two open slots…


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