I write books the way Yo La Tengo makes music

Also how The Aislers Set worked, also Hilsinger and Beatty.  Now, if those names aren’t familiar, that’s all right.  They are indie bands, and only one still records.  Yo La Tengo has been around since I was in high school, Amy Linton’s Aislers Set since 1998.  Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty covered Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) in 2003; all three of those groups are unknown to some great percentage of the population.  But their art carries deep meaning to me.  And my writing touches a similar small vein.

As I listened to “Bang Bang Bang” last night by The Aislers Set, it came back to me why I publish my novels; because I write them and I can.  Indie musicians have been doing that for ages.  Authors are on that path now, and while I don’t know which of those bands my road is akin to, the goal is the same.  Make the art, share the art.  The rest is out of my hands.


1 thought on “I write books the way Yo La Tengo makes music

  1. silverchimes

    Yea! for Indies – be it musicians or writers. I think the world is a more interesting place because of them 🙂 I’ve said this before, but I have you to thank for my introduction to YLT and The Aisler’s Set a few years back. Much love!

    Have fun here on WP. I have a blog here that I haven’t posted to in ages. Work got out of hand and I felt that I my posts were always mentioning/complaining about my long woking hours. I’ll start up again if something interesting happens 🙂


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