Amazon might not be cordial with Smashwords but…

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie have put their money where their hearts are, donating two and a half million dollars to defend the gay marriage law in Washington State.  I don’t distribute my ebooks through Amazon for two reasons; they don’t have a deal with Smashwords, and they aren’t keen on free ebooks.  Even if I charged for my novels, I just don’t have the time to format them for Kindle, when Smash already does that.  One of these days Amazon might become copacetic with Smashwords, but that’s getting away from what I wanted to note today.

When I read about this on the BBC, I was actually on a hunt about the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  Sort of nice being eight hours behind, catching up as I drink tea, come to consciousness.  But this article was pretty much front and center, and while I sniff at Amazon’s attempts to take over the world, I am so pleased that when it came down to brass tacks, Bezos did more than Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer, way more.  Maybe it was an email written to him by a former employee from the early days.  Maybe this just struck some chord.  It does with me, a couple of my books noting this issue.  Not sure why I thought about it this morning, was just waiting for the kettle to chime, thinking how lucky I am to do what I love, and be married to whom I adore.  Sometimes those things get taken for granted, but they really are a priceless treasure.

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