Yes it’s early

Because I started a new book yesterday, I was exhausted by eight p.m. last night.  I had forgotten how that initial day of writing wipes me out, which is sort of funny, as all I do is sit on my butt like I do every day.  But the brain churns harder, cranking out a chapter.  I sure didn’t do much differently than any other day.

But loud teens playing football in the street at midnight woke me up.  I went back to bed before two a.m., slept well until five.  Now I’m awake, sort of.  Need a shower, Grape Nuts, tea.  Another chapter awaits, maybe that’s why I’m sitting here, contemplating my day before I usually do.  Something about writing a new novel, I suppose.

(If only I could stir those sporty, night owl teenagers, oi!)

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