So what am I going to publish?

After considering what I’m not going to focus on, then comes the tricky part; what manuscripts will I poke at?

Well, there’s the end of the series I mentioned, novels more like a trilogy, but quite woven into the first three.  The last half begins twenty-three years after the first bunch, written mostly because I loved the characters so much, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  I’ll release those books this year, and then…

There is another sprawling family saga that ended up with a sequel; Detours was written in July 2008, and it might be the earliest novel I publish.  I wrote its companion, The Road Home, for NaNo that same year, assuming that entwined duo was a one-off.  I was so wrong.

Alvin’s Farm spawned five more.  A Normal Life has already begat a sequel, with another to follow.  I told a writing buddy to slap me if I attempted another mega-series.  But when the tale evolves into something more, what is a writer to do?

(None of these multi-book sagas started out that way, might I add.  Characters really do have minds of their own.)

I make epubs of some manuscripts, keep them on my iPod.  If you’ve not tried Calibre, it’s a pretty handy e-book software that even I have figured out, albeit with a step-by-step process post-it-noted to my nearby bookshelf for quick review.  Reading over various rough drafts, I’ve decided that once the last three Alvin books are ready, Detours will get a big overhaul, then…  Two novels from 2011 are calling my name, one is lit fic, the other sci-fi.  I am blessed with stories, but even having winnowed them, the question remains; what comes next?

(Which I will answer in a subsequent post all about what sort of writer I want to be…)

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