The dark side

This has nothing to do with Star Wars.  This has to do with how my novels with a political bent end up being darker than other ones.

But maybe it does have to do with science fiction; one of my favorite TV shows is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Plenty of political shenanigans in that seven-year series, especially once the war between the Federation and the Dominion began.  During that show’s last four years, an array of good, bad, questionable, and memorable characters were spun into various tizzies by a cadre of writers that always make me reach for a higher bar.  Granted, not every show was gold, but many were fantastic, especially the six-episode arc starting season six.  I could wax all day on that; instead if you like sci-fi drama with a political edge, give Deep Space Nine a go.

As for my books, well, they’re angsty as all get-out, but for the most part, folks end up fairly settled.  But in For God and Country and The War On Emily Dickinson, characters’ hearts are wrenched with little satisfying bliss in between.  The WIP is the same; today some good news emerged, but bad slapped it down.  And not giving too much away, the main characters are going to suffer, just a few finding the sun.

I’m not a doom and gloom type, maybe it’s just my drama-fueled plots, a dark side emerging safely within fictional confines.  Better to take my inner demons out on those who can’t actually be harmed.  But in realizing this, I have to wonder what does it mean?  The next novel I want to write, for November’s NaNo, has a political edge, but at least for today, the ending will be upbeat.  Maybe that it’s a family saga-sort of story is why.  Politics often brings out unpleasant attributes; in the WIP, Premiere Hanley is a twisted SOB.  Deep Space Nine’s Gul Dukat is an awful guy too, and what about Darth Vadar?  Or Emperor Palpatine, now he’s a nasty dude.  I’ll chalk it up to satisfying some deep-seated desire to kick some legislative butt.


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