Not quite a grandchild but…

It’s a basset, with perhaps a little beagle for good measure.  Named Buttercup by its former carers, she’s four and a half years old, and according to my eldest daughter, is quite chill.

When she sent us the news, via text, my husband and I laughed and laughed.  We owned a rather naughty basset in the UK.  Tonto had an aggressive streak even after he was neutered.  We found him a new home, and thought that would be it for bassets within our lives.

But the tradition continues.  If all goes well we’ll meet Buttercup at Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to scratching her belly, if she doesn’t mind.  My daughter and son-in-law have been scouring animal shelters for an appropriate dog.  Plenty of pit bulls, which aren’t allowed in their apartment complex, but few other options.  They wanted one that would be child-friendly (grandchildren are in the cards a few years from now), but that was elusive as many rescued dogs require an adults-only home.  But Buttercup was not such a hound, and I look forward to hearing tales of life with a pooch.  Perhaps a few will turn into novel fodder.

In the meantime, Gary Weston has just released Starlight Army.  Su Kane is a feisty gal with an interest in motorcycles and bluesy rock music. When she learns about product testing on animals, not only does she give her hair dye the boot, but those who hold a debased view on animal welfare. With a cadre of bikers, Su and her cousin Fran seek to enlighten the ignorant. But larger vistas loom; can Su restrain her sometimes heated emotions to really make a difference?

All proceeds from this novel go to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) in the UK.  Gary balances an honest look at animal cruelty with grace and heartwarming humor.  When my daughter sent me the news about their new pet, I was pleased for Buttercup finding a new home, saddened that so many pit bulls languish in shelters.   I recommend Gary’s book, available on Amazon.

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