I have a new keyboard

My keyboard has been a little wonky lately; the right side has been propped on post-it notes, as the plastic support bit broke off.  This afternoon my husband was using my machine to scan pictures, getting fed up with the dodgy keyboard.  So he went to Fry’s, bought a new one, and a new memory card for our camera.  Now I can take over 3,000 photos, as well as type without the keyboard slumping to the right.

Not big news, but certainly noteworthy, especially since this new board’s keys are very quiet and responsive.  A good way to begin September.  By the time NaNoWriMo rolls around, this board will be all broken in!

More soon; the new series of Doctor Who started yesterday, a very good Dalek-filled episode.  But for now, I’m going to play with the new keyboard!


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