Unexpected companions

Spoilers in the internet age are hard to keep under wraps, but those involved with Doctor Who must have been thrilled that no one let the companion cat out of the bag before Saturday’s telecast of “Asylum of the Daleks”.  Of course, no one is saying if Jenna-Louise Coleman will be playing Oswin Oswald once she becomes the Doctor’s full-time companion in December.  I hope so, because I fell for the chirpy, fast-talking genius.  And of course, what a perfect way to introduce her, when she’s following some of the best companions the Doctor has ever had.

Rose was amazing, as well as Jackie and Mickey. Donna was great, along with her family. (I love how the companions’ relatives are included.)  Martha followed too closely to Rose’s affections for that Timelord, although she is wonderful in “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood”.  The Ponds, both of them, have been exceptional, but their tenure is ending.  It’s supposed to be heartbreaking, and with that known, I was sort of dreading the episodes leading to their exit.  But now, well, whether Coleman is Oswin or anyone else, she’s got me hooked.  And that’s all that matters.

As a writer, I find this so clever, as Oswin kept noting about the Doctor.  As a viewer, I’m in hook line and sinker.  Moffat and team knew they were facing a huge task, as Amy and Rory are so compelling.  Coleman’s secret participation should be noted as one of the biggest coups pulled off in modern TV; the episode had been screened, it could have leaked.  But it didn’t.  And with that victory, I won’t be crying too many tears when the Ponds sail off into the sunset, or however they make their exit.

If you’re looking for more Doctor Who analysis, check out this link.  (My eldest sent it to me.)  And I do recommend viewing Pond Life, if you haven’t seen it.  Nothing more inspirational for the writing than other great writing.  And no milk went off in the making of the episode…

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