I’m not left-handed but…

For the time being, my mouse has moved to the other side of the keyboard.  The bottom of my right palm is irritated, and while it might not be carpal tunnel, I’m wearing a splint, navigating with my left hand.  It’s slow going, and I’m really glad I don’t have any more to write than a blog entry.

And it’s not even from writing!  I’ve been crocheting more lately, I think that’s the cause.  I’m just hoping it’s better by November.

If nothing else, life has slowed; harder to surf and edit with my left hand.  I really don’t want to see the doctor about this, I don’t like doctors.  They just tell me my blood pressure is high, which it always is when I go into their offices.  At home, it’s just fine.

So not much writing today.  49ers won on Sunday, Giants beat the Rockies last night.  I have a manuscript to read over, the Fall of Saigon to research, The Concert in Central Park to absorb.  Thirty years ago that album was one of my faves, on cassette.  I listened to it again recently, came up with a new story line.  Instead of faffing about with my right hand in charge, I’ll pull some left-brain activities, or just left-handed actions.  Two of my siblings are left-handed, now I’m joining the club!

1 thought on “I’m not left-handed but…

  1. Melissa Marsh

    I used to have carpal tunnel quite badly before I started using an ergonomic, split keyboard. That took care of it. However, I think the use of my mouse had aggravated it again. I notice when I vacuum that I cannot use the right hand for very long before it starts to hurt. I have a wrist brace, too, so will probably just have to use that.


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