Cornucopia of information

I’m taking a road trip tomorrow, so a post tonight, then the usual hoo-haa on Tuesday.  It was a busy Sunday, what with breakfast’s extra guest of youngest child.  She was willing to leave at 6.30 a.m. just to have mommy-daddy-daughter time.  We talked mostly of our expected afternoon guests; eldest daughter, son-in-law, a friend of theirs, and the grand-basset.

But before we met Buttercup, I came up with another novel idea, pun intended.  Due to a sudden flash of insanity or NaNo magic, I’m going to attempt two novels this November, which I have before, with success.  But I wasn’t going to do it this year, not wanting to work so hard.  However, when the story line bludgeons, what’s a writer to do?

I spent the morning fleshing out that idea, watching a little footie, prepping for pizza.  My son makes the dough; he’s been baking pizzas since he was less than ten.  While he sorted the crusts, I chopped garlic and grated cheese (youngest daughter was napping, due to her early start).  When the gang showed up, we fell in love with Buttercup, who sniffed just about everything, ate a raw carrot and some dropped frozen peas (for the veggie pizza my husband prefers), ate things in the garden that were icky, ahem.  She’s short-legged, but was long enough to investigate pizza on the kitchen counter.  And after a too brief visit, they were gone, with the promise of a pre-Thanksgiving stopover, then a long break for Christmas!

Amid all the hound bluster, my San Francisco 49ers fell apart to the New York Giants, sigh.  (Good thing I was busy with Buttercup!)  After that debacle (We didn’t even manage a touchdown, 26-3, ugg…), my husband filled my car with petrol while I washed windows; I loathe traveling with a dirty windscreen.  His Packers play against the Houston Texans tonight, and our beloved San Francisco Giants start the National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.  I’ll miss some of the games tomorrow, returning from a visit with my folks.  However I won’t have a basset in my back seat!

But I do have a meaningful promotion to plug; National Coming Out Day was last Thursday, and author Matthew Grant is featuring Smashwords’ LGBT fiction and non-fiction on his website.  All participating authors have offered discounts of 50% or are giving away their works.  My contribution, For God and Country, is free, and can be found along with others on Matthew’s website.  These discounts will be good through the 19th of October; coupon codes are available on the site.

Weekends might seem like a lull, but after all this, I’ll be glad to drive tomorrow, letting new playlists filter character insights and plot points right into my gray matter, easing bad football and what’s looking to be a dismal baseball game to the past (Giants are down 6-0, oi!).  I’ll return with a post all about hidden gardens, and probably more basset/Wrimo nonsense.  There’s always a reason for more Buttercup and NaNo!

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