A great Series and some fantastic stories

Sweep sweep sweep; four games to none, historic, magical, done.  The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series.

I’m not going to regale with facts and figures; if you care, you already know.  If this matters not, I won’t bore you, other than to say if you’re sport inclined and your team has kicked some arse, you understand.  If you’re not sport-crazy, then think about any moment when everything that mattered was on the line.  Either you or someone you love realized what was at stake, then went out and got it done.  Git’er done, as my dad likes to say.  The Giants did just that over the last four games.  Now, bring on 2013!

Well, for baseball.  In three days NaNo starts (and I’m so glad to have these last few days with no baseball distractions, as I have a lot of time-lining left to do).  There’s a book I’ll publish in two days, An Innate Sense of Recognition, which will be dedicated to one special group of guys who got it done.  There’s my other fave team playing tonight, the 49ers in Arizona against the Cardinals.  And there are plugs for other authors; in the midst of baseball insanity, I’ve been blessed with a trio of tales.  Two are shorts, one is a novella, all are amazing.  I’ll start with Dianne Gray’s The Eleventh Question, a contemporary fantasy I could not put down.  Arista’s life is thrown askew, and she wonders what it’s all about.  Those queries strike deeper than the usual musings; Gray precisely captures a teen’s fears from Facebook to animals while stirring others to attention.  Precise visuals put me right in Arista’s realm, and in other places too; a great read!

Amanda Anschau’s short story “Meet me at the Gates” grabbed my heart and didn’t let go.  “Blood Moon” by Elizabeth Rowan Keith is an atmospheric autumnal tale with a gripping finish.  Lately I’ve needed some small moments away from sport, and these three filled that bill perfectly.  So, as I say goodbye to baseball for 2012, I welcome NaNo, November just days away.  I’ll get off this post and back to work; there is formatting to do, plotting to sort, tea to drink, a team to thank.  Those SF Giants played their hearts and souls out and this fan just wants to say ta cheers thanks loves!

3 thoughts on “A great Series and some fantastic stories

  1. diannegray

    So glad about your team, Anna (mine were knocked out in the semi’s) 😦

    Thank you so much for mentioning my book here – I’m very honored and so glad you liked it! 😀


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