The act of writing…

Is not like editing, formatting, or publishing.  Writing is pure creative energy, sapping brain cells and prodding latent muscles that just aren’t stirred by those other facets of the process.  It all starts with the writing; a first draft has to come from somewhere.

It comes in bursts of ideas and nuances, it floats as words jockey for position, as characters unfold, sometimes with surprises tucked under their arms, or waiting behind their eyes (which might turn from brown to blue without reason).

Writing, be it in November or July, stems from some need to release a story, a notion, a theme.   But the activity is a varied procedure from author to author, from year to year, from book to book.  No two are alike, writers or seasons or novels.  Each carries a separate rhythm, purpose, message.  All are fantastic.

It’s day #4 of National Novel Writing Month.  Word counts are good.  Stories are developing, prose is sort of clunky, but hints of beauty are emerging.   What most amazes this writer is how innate it is, even when sentences are balky, characters flimsy, scenes choppy.  It simply feels so right!

The act of writing is unparalleled, regardless of what it written.  That’s what revisions are for…

5 thoughts on “The act of writing…

  1. diannegray

    I love your comment about eyes turning from brown to blue for no reason! I did that in one of my novels and luckily it was picked up by an editor prior to publishing! 😀


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