My life as a basset…

Actually, just the next few days will I live like Buttercup.  She belongs to my eldest and her hubby, and they visited recently.  Buttercup adores walks, belly rubs, and scrounging Kleenexes from the rubbish.  She also loves to nap.  While naps won’t quite be a part of my Thanksgiving regimen, I’ll be relaxing with family, football, and food.  If Buttercup and I traded places, I’d be in her bed and she’d be hollering at the TV while chattering with nieces and a nephew while balancing a plate full of side dishes and my mom’s sweet potato pie.

A couple of days ago, I blogged about my gratefulness as an indie author.  Having spent a couple of days with my daughter and her beloveds, I’m ready for a road trip to see the rest of the clan.  Work will resume in a few days; still a NaNo project to complete, and I might even get the whole novel written as per the outline (unless I add another chapter or three, we will see).  November focuses on my husband and daughter’s birthdays, NaNoWriMo, and this American tradition that while morphing into something of a food and football party, remains rooted in the nature of awareness of one’s blessings.  My faith, family, and health are the big three, but writing and publishing are also notable.  And of course, Buttercup.

She’s only been a member since late August, but has already made herself an integral part of our family.  And if I was a basset, the next few days would be steeped in her favourite pastimes.  The biggest of those is sleep, either on her own bed, or in someone else’s, but she’s been a huge help in research for Kelly Tremane, which I hope to complete in December, as well as preparing the last book in the Alvin’s Farm series.  For now those novels remain on hold; this weekend is about being with those I love, sharing in their lives.  Realizing all that goes into my life, which is translated in the writing, all part and parcel of the whole, including a basset hound.

I can’t wait to see Buttercup over Christmas!  But until then, I’m wishing all those celebrating Thanksgiving a safe and lovely holiday (and words if they happen to fall your way).

4 thoughts on “My life as a basset…

  1. diannegray

    Buttercup is so beautiful. We had a basset hound when I was very young and I still remember when she was a little pup trying to run and tripping over her ears! 😀

    Have a wonderful time, Anna and Thanksgiving! 😀


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