Sometimes it happens too fast

December, writing novels, childhood; all these things whip past before I can really grasp them.  My two and a half year old nieces are in 5T shirts!  They were just babies, tiny babies, born three months premature in 2010.  Now you would have no idea; we just saw them at Thanksgiving, identical chunks except for a thin blue vein over bridge of the eldest’s nose.  Also she’s a wee bit more cranky than her younger sister, which hearkens back to their earliest days.  I spent a week with my sister and those preemies and even way back then #1 was a little more troublesome.  Now they are nearly out of toddler clothes, how in the world did that happen?

Christmastime is firmly upon us, and I’m getting a few bits sorted, amidst the writing.  The WIP is one of those novels unlike that eldest twin; this book is slipping from my fingers with an ease that December requires.  If I’m going to write this month, it better be a novel that basically writes itself.  One page of names constitutes my notes.  There is no outline except for the playlist, and while tabs litter my window, it’s a stream of consciousnesses sort of manuscript.  I’m spitting out a chapter a day so quickly I can barely grasp the joy of writing it.  I really like this book, would love to savor it a little more, I really would.  Christmas has other plans.

I wonder if that’s because when I edit this novel, I will go over with such a fine-toothed comb I’ll want to puke when it’s all said and done.  I’m nearly to that point with The Timeless Nature of Patience, the last of the Alvin’s Farm series that will be published sometime this month.  Reaching that stage with a manuscript, I vacillate between joy and weariness, just wanting to be DONE with it.  The current novel-in-progress makes me itch to write it; every morning I sit with a giddy exuberance, like a kid eager for December 25th.  I haven’t been this over the moon with a novel in a while, and it feels so good.

It’s like seeing my nieces and nephew at Thanksgiving; their childhoods, like my own kids’, is racing past.  Baby photos grace my screensaver, but they aren’t those infants anymore.  The twins were three pounds at birth, weighty for twenty-nine weeks gestation, but still no bigger than their mother’s hand.  I saw them at a stage where they should have been cloistered away, an unexpected privilege I will never forget.

My sister and one of her twins.

My sister and one of her twins.

Sort of like blabbing about writing a novel.  Where The Ball Is is about halfway through its confinement, nowhere near those metaphorical forty weeks.  Books need every single moment to percolate, and maybe as in pregnancy, I just want it to be done, not thoroughly appreciating the process until it is far past.  I think of those precious days watching two sisters lying together in an isolette, then to how they were tangled into each other on my parents’ floor just weeks ago; they are still as much a part of each other now as in the summer of 2010.

Time speeds by, every moment means something   As I sit to edit Timeless Nature later today, I’ll try to not be sick to death of it, but attempt to recapture its beginning, in November of 2010 for NaNo, those baby girls home from the hospital and thriving.  Just perspective, I guess.  Life is fleeting.  Best to make the most of today before it becomes tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes it happens too fast

  1. Shelia C

    OMG-,Anna, I am a 55 year old woman, who just happened to be browsing looking for something to read that would hold my interest well “Alvin’s Farm” got me intriged and next (hey you can’t stop there) then ” THE THORN AND THE ROSE” and (did I mention I read very fast) well as you can imagine I’ve read them all, and “YES” I’m waiting on pins and needles for “The Timeless Nature of Patience” I have to find out what happens to this close knit family, and what did Alvin, mean when he told Sam,”Somethings Coming Just Stay Alert”……..Thank-you, for giving readers like me such enjoyable, never a dull moment reading material. Happy Holidays To You, and Your Famliy! GOD’S BLESSINGS TO US ALL…..Hopefully it’ll be a much anticipated Christmas gift. I have to tell you, also reading this saga has been therapy for me because , a year ago I lost “My Best Friend In The World to Me-My Husband, To Brain Cancer” so instead of
    setting around mourning and having others worried bout me, I immersed myself, in this saga, and I laughed ,I cried, and I related to a lot of things especially with Jenny, my childhood as well was incestious, I wish I had, had the courage to run but for me leaving my two little sisters was not an option so like I said, these books have been a calm therapy for me and who knows hopefully many others.


    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Shelia, oh my goodness, you made me cry, also made my day; your words are just what I needed today! If I could, I’d give you the biggest hug for your loss (my deepest condolences to you!), your strength, and your patience for waiting for the last novel. 🙂

      I send you and yours much love and many prayers for Christmas and 2013. Thank you for this comment; I feel like Christmas has come early! Right, back to work; Timeless Nature is waiting… 🙂

  2. Jill Weatherholt

    My sister has twins as well. It seems like yesterday I was at the hospital when they were born, not 21 years ago! After a certain age, it seems this thing called “life”, goes into fast forward

  3. sarahsinklings

    That tiny hand…… and now they’re in 5Ts? It makes sense… Max, at 18 mos, is in 2T and often wears 3T cause it’s handy.

    This month really does fly, between festivities and hopeful planning for next year. It’s so fun to watch your tandem writing process…. new stuff plus editing. I don’t know how you do it!

  4. diannegray

    it’s amazing how quickly they grow! Next thing they’ll be having their 21st birthday and you’ll be wondering where the time went. I remember when my aunts used to be so shocked when they saw me and would tell me I’d grown so much since last time. I always thought this was funny and odd, but now I know EXACTLY what they meant! 😀


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