Sisterhood of blogging

I received a lovely award from Marsha Lee a couple of days ago, and as I’m not in a noveling mood this morning, instead I’ll post a little something related to this award, and why exactly I’m not working on the WIP.

I’m still plugged in, almost another 5K accumulated yesterday.  There are about two chapters left, three days in 2012 in which to write them.  This is the last Saturday of the year, but it’s sort of late-ish, for me, to start writing   It’s eight thirty, and by now I’m already a thousand words into a chapter.  Such a creature of habit, oh my goodness yes.  But I slept in, which was a treat, and sometimes I just know.  I know when to write, when to back off.   When to blog too; I’ve been blogging since 2005.

For nine months, my eldest daughter lived in the Midwest with my husband’s sister and family, experiencing a year of American high school.  At the time, we had no idea we would be coming back to America, just assumed that daughter, and her siblings, would return to The States for university.  We took a home leave in summer of 2004, leaving our not quite sixteen-year-old behind.  It was hard, but my heart was strengthened by the fact that we would see her again at Christmas.

The days and weeks ticked past, then in December she came home, and we reveled in her presence.  She was born going on forty, an old soul, but when we said goodbye, again my heart was soothed; my brother was getting married in May, and she would meet us in California for the wedding, then be home again in June.  But by spring, weekly letters seemed thin on the ground.  Phone calls were arranged so the six-hour time difference wasn’t a bother, still, we missed her, she missed us.  In March, she wrote me an email describing this thing called blogging.  Quickly I wrapped my head around it, and by the time we saw her in May, a family blog was well underway.

I still post on that blog, a rich history of our last two years in Britain, as well as the days coming back to America.  I keep track of all my books there, some sort of time capsule for my most beloved.  I started blogging about writing in August 2007, right after signing a contract with a small publishing company to publish my first novel.  Needing a change, I moved to WordPress in July of this year.  So Marsha’s award warms my heart, as blogging has been a part of my life for ages.

I’d like to bestow this award to all who have stopped by; consider yourselves tagged, if you so desire, and if you do, tell me how you got into blogging.  Here are ten things about me, as per the award instructions.

1. What is your favourite colour?  Blue, just about any shade, except those very dark.

2. Your favourite animal?  Hummingbirds, and Buttercup the basset.

3. Your favourite non-alcoholic drink?  TEA!

4. Facebook or Twitter?  Neither.

5. Your favourite pattern?  Does denim count?

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  Giving, although with Christmas just past, if I don’t have to shop for a bit, that would be lovely.

7. Your favourite number?  Don’t really have one.

8. Your favourite day of the week?  Sunday, for some very silly reasons; breakfast at Los Gatos with my husband and of course football.

9. Your favourite flower?  Roses most definitely, especially the fragrant ones.

10. What is your passion?  Christ, my husband, the kids, writing/publishing, tea, music, blogging, singing, sending cards, road trips, indoor and outdoor gardening, observing the ocean, watching sport, photography.

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