The big blue

This photo, and all below, were taken with a Nokia Lumia smartphone on 15 February, 2013 along the 17-Mile Drive, California.

This writer requires moments spent near the ocean.  Usually Capitola suffices, but I also enjoy Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Santa Cruz too.  Five years ago my husband and I spent our anniversary in Monterey, where we explored the 17-Mile Drive.  Since then, we’ve returned to Monterey, but not the actual 17-Mile Drive.  Last year we were thwarted by the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, but this year, we paid attention to dates for that tournament.

Such a beautiful blue

I really wanted to see this section of the California coast, even if it’s nearly ten bucks to get in.  I look at it like taking the Benicia Bridge instead of driving east to I-5, saving five dollars, or driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, now up to six or seven bucks.  Sometimes a cost is enacted, but the splendor is worth it.

Rocky shore

It’s the colour of the water for me, different from The Hook, or anywhere else I’ve been, a multitude of blues light and dark, greenish at times, sparkling and bright.  It’s the rocks forming the shore, rough and ancient, as if it’s not 2013 but 1813 or 1613.  It’s one lone cypress, growing out of a cliff, like a sailor’s beacon.


Five years ago we used our good camera, but this trip was another outing for the smartphone (a Nokia Lumia), and I’m quite pleased.  No zoom of course, but here I prefer the wide vista, so much beauty to capture.  It brings out the novelist in me, a panorama of life that can’t be harnessed in only a few paragraphs.

A fence mars the view, but my husband hoisted my camera over the barrier.

A fence mars the view at Sunset Point, but my husband hoisted the phone over the barrier.

I’m a wordy author, so my photos are often that large in scope.

To the right of the Lone Cypress

There are so many beautiful places on this planet, but I am drawn time and again to the ocean.  I love its strength, vastness, endlessness.  I’m taken by its roar and waves, scents and spray.  I’m enraptured by the changing hues and tides.

Trees and shore

But mostly I cannot escape how it is constantly different, even if this section of coastline appears as if from hundreds of years ago.  No moment is the same, no wave identical to another.  The glints from the sun, the hum of cliffs drenched, as if life careens into the shore, then retreats; it’s like tales being told, then retold.

The Lone Cypress

How many love stories, ghost stories, mysteries, and dramas exist?  There are only so many themes, but an infinite way to express them.  Maybe that’s what brings me back to the water, the reminder that no matter how plebeian or ordinary are my ideas, they are mine, no way for anyone else to tell them.

Tree and water

I’m just the interpreter, translating the essence, be it through smartphone photographs or collected sentences.

8 thoughts on “The big blue

  1. Laura Bruno Lilly

    A feast for sore eyes…although yesterday I was treated to a short time of big fat wet spring-type snowflakes falling down around our car in the Target parking lot. Oh, did I mention? The Target in Florence, South Carolina! I miss the west…sigh.
    frosty peachy peace

  2. change it up editing

    I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area originally, and I spent many weekends exploring the Monterey and Santa Cruz Bay areas as well. Your photos made me homesick! Aren’t smart phone cameras wonderful? Thanks for posting yours.

  3. Jill Weatherholt

    Wow! Anna, those are spectacular photos! You’re becoming quite the photographer with that new smartphone! Being a golfer, I always enjoy watching the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, but your pictures blow away the television coverage. Thanks for sharing!


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