Two great pieces of news

First, Amazon has removed the pirated copy of “50 Years Waiting”!  I am so pleased, and want to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who left comments here on the blog, and reviews and ‘likes’ on those reviews at the pirated story.  Especially I want to mention Dianne Gray, who wrote about this on her site; the outpouring of support was a joy in what was one of the most confusing and distressing moments of my indie career.  Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all who assisted in the cessation of this thievery.  And kudos to Amazon, who speedily rectified this situation.

Trash Day! by Top Writers Block

Second, Trash Day!, a collection of short stories, was released today by Top Writers Block.  My contribution, “The American Way”, is a poem; I’ve been in a poetic mood as of late.  I’ve also been happy for a break from reality, and this gathering of tales, from flash fiction to short yarns in a gamut of genres, entertained and intrigued.  All proceeds go to Sea Shepherd, and at two dollars, it’s a great deal.  Get yours today from Smashwords, where you can find other fine anthologies by indie authors coming together to share stories and raise funds for the betterment of our oceans and waterways.

16 thoughts on “Two great pieces of news

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      It was wonderful Jill, not what I had anticipated. 🙂

      When I was a teen, seal posters decorated my walls. It’s a pleasure to participate with so many fantastic writers for such a great cause.

  1. diannegray

    What wonderful news, Anna. I’m so relieved and actually have faith that Amazon can do the right thing 😀 Thank you so much for the pingback – this blogging community is fantastic and all I could hear from other authors was outrage that this had happened to you…

    I’m heading over now to get Trash Day. I see your name is first on the cover (woo hoo!). What a brilliant cause – we done 😀

  2. Sarah Halverson Aadland

    Congrats! I’m so glad the Amazon debacle got sorted out. I’ve been popping in over here when I get a few moments – which is not as often as usual. I really like the new blog format – and the amazing trajectory of your indie career 🙂 When the move is settled, I’ll make more time for words again! But in the meantime, I must say, your comments and support always make my day. Always 🙂 You’re are such a gem!


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