Soon to be sitting to sew…

But in the meantime, no matter how eager I am to finish up the Fat Quarters Quilt, other issues take precedence.  The next quilt in the queue was my focus last week, when I found I needed a walking foot, which I borrowed from my eldest daughter yesterday.  I spent Easter in the bosom of my family, no better way in my opinion.  Now it’s Monday, and I’m back home, in my little sewing haven.  Still, before I sit at the machine, I need to note a few things.

The note is to remind me to fill bobbins and change the needle.

The note is to remind me to fill bobbins and change the needle.

One is that it’s fine to imagine a big quilt.  It’s another thing entirely to find room in one’s house to sort it out.  I have the quilt wall, but it’s nowhere big enough to accommodate a 88″ X 96″ queen/king summer quilt.

I’m not sure I was thinking about this when I first considered this project, but this morning, laying out a few squares, I came to realize the limitations of a small house and a huge quilt.  But I will make it work, especially once I get another half-yard of some big print with pink and yellow as the predominate colours.  In the meantime, I have three rows (basically) plotted.

I didn't lay them out to their full 8X8 glory.  Going to be a big quilt...

I didn’t lay them out to their full 8X8 glory. Going to be a big quilt…

In the same way that I can’t just jump into the writing first thing, I’m not an off-the-bat seamstress.  It’s like I need to wake up properly via lesser tasks, allowing the morning to seep into me before I tackle a major undertaking, no matter how badly I want to sit at that machine.

In the process, I gazed at the quilt wall, now housing the beginnings of my youngest daughter’s ocean quilt.  It’s in flux; when I started placing squares on the wall, I found myself getting dizzy.  Too many busy fabrics, not enough low volume/solids.  I need another half-yard of fabric for that one too, orange and light blue solids, I’m thinking.  (I’m also thinking I need to go shopping soon…)

At least the wall isn't bare...

At least the wall isn’t bare…

But now that I have a walking foot, there’s a project to complete!  Writing is a lot like sewing, all parts in their proper time.  And, when I’m caught up in a particular quilt or novel, I ache when unable to finish what is nearly done.  More parallels between those somewhat disparate pastimes in another post.

For now, it’s about time to quilt.  Need to fill some bobbins, change the needle back to one I use when quilting, then plop my butt in the chair.  That is just like writing, which doesn’t escape me at all…

2 thoughts on “Soon to be sitting to sew…

  1. laura bruno lilly

    “…then plop my butt in the chair. That is just like writing, which doesn’t escape me at all…”

    🙂 LOL

    Oh, but(t) what wonderful works we create once butt is plopped in the chair! HA!

    elephantbuttepeace (insider nm joke)

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Buttes aren’t far from my hometown neck of the woods, ironically!

      Quilt is done, waiting to go to its new home. And it’s cool here tonight, so I’m testing it out, heh heh…



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