Too Many Quilt Stores

Now, don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a bad thing.  It’s just that this morning, looking online where I could buy some Kona solid rose fabric, I found several more quilt/fabric stores in my Silicon Valley area, and it’s making my head spin.  It also makes me wonder about how something as simple as quilting has turned into an industry just like Legos and Tupperware.

Now, that I do write with a little wrinkle to my nose, but it’s qualified, for every time I step into a quilt/fabric store, I’m in heaven.  But I also feel a little…  Uncertain, like am I going to hell for contributing to yet one more ancient pastime that seems to be as heavily marketed as the latest reality TV show.

Or maybe I’m being COMPLETELY naive, and I should just talk about the beautiful fabrics I received recently for my birthday.  Yes, I think I’ll do just that.

So, over the weekend, I was lovingly overwhelmed by family, many of whom were bearing fabric gifts.  My husband got things started, presenting me with a voucher for a local quilt store, which I hadn’t expected.  My gift from him is my sewing machine, but now I can peruse some gorgeous bolts of cotton, or maybe pick up one of those fat quarter bundles that my daughter and sister and I watched being put together when we visited another local store, where my sis told me to choose ten fat quarters on her.  But before that, my eldest had gifted me with a bag of fat quarters from a shop in her neck of the Bay Area woods, a mixture of batiks and more conventional prints.  And youngest daughter got into the act as well, slipping some cash into my card, with strict instructions that it was only to be spent on fabric.

All the birthday fabrics, hollering at me to use them.

Talk about a magnificent birthday!  Plus, the Giants won to boot.

My eldest, the instigator of all this quilting mania, is eager for me to acquire a stash, but I’ve told her I have nowhere to put it.  I’m going to be hard pressed to find a good place to baste then tie the summer comforter, which is over halfway sewn together.  I have five rows left to add to it, but dude, what then?  I’m thinking I’ll make a rough sandwich on the bed, then transfer the whole enchilada onto my 30 X 60″ table, and pray, a lot.

And those new fabrics?  I’ve already a quilt in mind for a good number of them, a nine-patch with some rose sashing between.  I’ll use a couple of the batiks, and save the rest for a project yet to be determined.  And that quilt will be for me; my sister was concerned that I was going to burn myself out making quilts for others, but not have a proper one for myself.

I smiled, and told her what’s the point of making a quilt if not to give it away?  Isn’t that what love (and life and sewing and writing) is all about…

2 thoughts on “Too Many Quilt Stores

  1. laura bruno lilly

    What a supportive family you have in your newest passion. (we’ve already compared notes about our husbands as being fantastic ‘patrons’ of our art in whatever form it takes)

    Swimming in a sea of fabric, now that sounds like a great birthday. 🙂



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