I Quilt Like I Write

So, while I don’t have room for a stash, what can one do when one’s spouse gives one a voucher for a quilt store?  But I have a plan for these fabrics; some will go into the birthday quilt, and some into a quilt to assuage an aching heart.

What better use for batiks, and whatever else I find?  I’ve been reading a quilt magazine, from my BFF, and while the article is three years old, the mantra I’m sure holds steady; use any fabrics that you love, according to Edyta Sitar, from American Patchwork & Quilting, April 2011.  Edyta is from Poland originally, learned quilting from her husband’s grandmother.  But she loved fabrics from childhood, and I agree with her sentiment.

Batiks can go with anything, just as a love story fits into any genre.

Lately I’ve been listening to playlists from novels gone by; love stories were, and still are, my milieu.  Every evening after I say goodnight to baseball, usually around the fourth inning, I’ve been reading a chapter of The Hawk, which I will get back to, one of these quilt-less weeks (or months).   The Hawk is about relationships, and lots of other issues, but love is the foundation.  Love, love, love…  I love quilting just about as much as I love writing, and I love choosing fabrics and letting them guide me into where a quilt is supposed to go.

And for whom…

When I found the boy and whale fabric, that began a quilt that will eventually (One of these days, I promise honey!) go to my youngest daughter.  With my dad’s quilt, again it was the bright hues that initiated that project (and the whole quilting saga…).  The Mijos quilt was all about using up the scraps from Dad’s blanket, plus batiks that caught my eye (Batiks!).  And now, the birthday quilt started with batiks and regular fabrics (see, I’m still so wet behind the ears I don’t even know what non-batik fabrics are called), and well, will finish with batiks, as that will be the binding.  How does this relate to noveling?

Love and characters, usually a couple, be they romantic or platonic, then spin out into plot and nuances, settings and heartbreak.  Yes, all good novels need a little heartbreak, because real life is full of that unpleasant but prevalent notion.

Yet, from heartbreak comes growth, which leads to a deepening of one’s understanding of another’s pain.  That’s why crap happens, so we’re better equipped to help someone else who comes along, either with a hug, compassionate words, a poem or novel, or a quilt.

My youngest is in the throes of heartbreak, but she’s not the only one, and while the whale quilt on the wall awaits her, someone else is in my thoughts, and in need of comfort that I can’t provide up close and personal, but certainly in the shape of a blanket that will be batik in nature, in addition to whatever else comes my way.

Stashes are good for sharing on the web.  They are even better for being broken into and given away, just how novels are wonderful to plot and write, then publish.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a pre-binding apple fritter.  Then, back to the task at hand…

The summer duvet is nearly done, except for the binding.  That will be my baseball accompaniment for the next three games while the Giants play in Atlanta.

The summer duvet is nearly done, except for the binding. That will be my baseball accompaniment for the next three games while the Giants play in Atlanta.

5 thoughts on “I Quilt Like I Write

  1. laura bruno lilly

    If pre-binding equates to an apple fritter, what does post-binding serve up?!

    I’d add to the ‘hows’ of your quilting/writing the fact that in both (he)arts, you are quite prolific…brava, Anna. 🙂


    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Good question! If my husband hadn’t sprained his ankle on his walk today, I might have gotten a chocolate croissant out of it! 🙂

      But Sunday might mean another fritter, if I play my cards right, hehehe…



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