Quilting by Faith

This isn’t going to be a long post; usually I don’t start sewing until later in the morning, but what I was doing yesterday was left on the table, and I knew I needed to get off my keister and complete that tasking.

Like just about all things in my life, I quilt by faith.  I use ‘quilt’ as a general term to cover the gamut of activities that goes into making a quilt, for right now I’m still fashioning the quilt top; I’m making the sashes that will attach the nine-patch blocks together.

But normally I’m not doing any sort of quilting/sewing this early.  I’m still trying to get my brain in gear for another day.

Yet, as I cut two-inch strips from some lovely Kona rose fabric, I was inundated with the knowledge of how right it was to do just that.  Maybe it’s early, sort of; maybe most days I’d not quite be this gung-ho, but today isn’t like most days.  It’s 16 May, 2014, and it’s the only 16 May 2014 any of us are going to see.

Waiting to have the fold pressed into history...

Waiting to have the fold pressed into history…

I don’t know what the rest of this day holds, but that doesn’t matter right now, at 8.29 a.m.  All that matters is this basically brief blog post, then back to making fifty-two and three-quarter inch sashes to go horizontally in my quilt top.

And the appreciation for all these actions, making 16 May 2014 an incredibly beautiful day.

2 thoughts on “Quilting by Faith

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      It’s been one of those days when very good things happen; I finished a quilt top, ate delicious BBQ for dinner, and it’s not hot here today, amoung other numerous blessings…



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