Squares of Love

Last night I finished sewing rows for the Pre-Washed quilt.  As I set squares atop each other, then ran them through my machine, I was thinking about how much I love doing this; piecing, sewing, quilting, the whole ball of wax.  One of the best parts is admiring the fabrics.  I adore the hues, designs, everything about the textiles I employ.

But specifically yesterday, I was sewing together two prints, one from the curtains, the other a little remnant I picked up from Beverly’s Fabric and Craft store, and I felt compelled to snap a picture of them, post-bonding.  The fabric on the left is Oops-A-Daisy by Keiki for Moda, the print on the right is a Joanns’ Keepsake Calico.  I revel in the bright colours, different in each fabric; I’m a big fan of blues and pinks, purple and orange.  I have a good chunk left of the Calico, but the Moda has been cut, some for this quilt, the rest into 4.5″ squares for yet another future project that I figured out with the help of a great blog, Blue is Bleu.  Audrie Bidwell is a fantastic quilter, and I’m a fan of her cross baby quilt, which will work out splendidly for…  Well, I’ll speak more to that as I collect additional floral prints to those in the photo above.  I need around eighty more squares, which I’d like to gather along my little quilting way.

Or perhaps I’ll see some other stunning cottons, scoop them up, then bring them back to the grotto and cut them appropriately.  In the meantime, sewn rows await my attention.  Time to nest those seams, and start putting that Pre-Washed quilt-top together!


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