Pre-washed Quilt Glory

This quilt was completed last Wednesday, but other items precluded me from getting it on the blog until now.  Yesterday I was with my dad, for chemo #8, and Thursday was spent sewing the back for the Birthday Quilt.  But no matter, for the latest comforter is at its new home, where the Whale Quilt lives.  I’m sure they’ll get along fabulously.

One thing I noted, while making this quilt, was how it would be, post-washing.  For the fabrics had already been through the washer, and dryer, and one of my favourite parts of this endeavor is how fabrics yet untouched by water (and a small amount of soap) are transformed by that process.  And the dryer of course; a newly washed and puckered quilt, still warm from the machine, is like a revelation, unlike what I had laboured over for the last several…  Well, however long it takes a quilt to get into gear.  But this quilt’s fabrics had already undergone that laundering experience.  Would the quilt seem, well, quilt-like?

Indeed it did!  Not sure if it was just that the batting needed to be shrunk, the little bit that batting shrinks.  Or maybe the binding settles better after that initial washing.  Whatever it was, that quilt was so perfect that I was a little sad to send it away.  However, when I return for Dad’s next chemo, after the Fourth of July, the quilt will be waiting for me, after a good long gossip session with the Whale Quilt.

I wonder what they’ll discuss.  The pros and cons of pre-washed fabrics and non, or maybe the differences between a fleece backing and a cotton/poly sheet?  Intriguing conversations, I’m sure…

4 thoughts on “Pre-washed Quilt Glory

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Oh my, let me think… Um, five, six maybe? It feels like a plethora in the short time since I began. But in a strange way it feels like I’ve been doing this all my life. I wonder what that means? 😀



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