The Birthday Quilt

I had hoped to use our good camera for these photos, but it seems the batteries are shot. So to the camera phone I went, with acceptable results…

This is a special quilt, in part from where nearly all the fabrics emerged, from the sentiment, and well, that’s it was a birthday present of sorts, from many who love me.

It’s also my quilt, which qualifies it separately from all the rest I’ve made.  With this project I had no one to please but myself, and I am quite thrilled with the results.

This quilt came to be from fabrics gifted to me a couple of months ago by my husband, daughters and sister.  Some of the fabric I chose myself, some was selected on my behalf.  All of it went together so well, not that I was planning this sort of look as the cottons accumulated, but once I had them within my happy hands, it was obvious what sort of quilt was in the making.

Little House on an Island, I called it in a poem, for the somewhat muted hues against the vibrant batiks.  When I found the batik used as the binding, I had the quilt sorted, even if it was a ways away from being completed.  Yet, that binding did more than attach the front to the back; it secured the essence of this project as probably the most complicated pattern I’ll concern myself with.

Not that the sashes were difficult, or the backing a bear, just that I like simple things, and this quilt wasn’t exactly basic.  But it wasn’t hard; nine-patch blocks were fun to sew, for the ease and smallness of the scale.  The Kona Rose sashes weren’t fraught with overt difficulty, although some quilt math was required.

I made it through geometry in high school, about all the math necessary for my kind of quilting.  It was sufficient to sort the 1.5″ sashes between the blocks, then the 3″ borders.  Using my new binding technique requires less fabric, so I had a nice hunk leftover, going into the binding scraps bucket.  And after a proper washing, all those gorgeous fabrics softened up beautifully, if not a little fuzzily.

The flannel I used on the back shed like crazy!  It’s going to be one of those quilts that begs for many washings to rid it of little balls of blue and cream lint.

The best part of this quilt is how long it is, and how cozy, even in mid-June.  Last night Silicon Valley grew right chilly, and I cuddled up under that comforter, snug as a bug in the proverbial rug.  I was also warmed by the love behind these fabrics, from those who know me, and support this sewing madness.  Or maybe it’s not madness at all, but another manner in which to share a gift that cannot blossom in a single pair of hands.  Reciprocation is necessary for this endeavor to thrive, quilts made for others sometimes returning back to me.  This quilt is now living on the back of the sofa, and I’ll get it out tonight, as baseball blares in the background, while I ponder the next project in the queue.  Then I’ll smile, recalling that day, those pressies, and the result.

A happy, and warm, quilter!

A happy, and warm, quilter!

A Birthday Quilt is a most fabulous present indeed.  What a blessed woman I am!

(One more shot, as finally the good camera battery was charged…)

4 thoughts on “The Birthday Quilt

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Happy Birthday-in perpetuity! How cuddly that flannel backing must feel against your body as you revel in being a ‘happy & warm quilter!’

    I like how your quilt documentation includes a shot of you enjoying the fruit of your labors on that couch in your living room.


    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      It was so pleasing, especially that rather cool evening. As for that photo, I was caught by my husband, bless his heart. He’s a warm-blooded sort, but was glad for my coziness!


  2. Letizia

    I love the colors and especially love that some of the fabric was a present from different family members. That makes it even more special. It’s lovely to have a cool evening in summer when one can justify cuddling up beneath a quilt!


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