A Quilt For Buttercup

Somehow I knew this would be the result; a quilt for my daughter and son-in-law has become a quilt for their hound.  Buttercup seems intent on keeping possession of this blanket, bless her little basset-beagle heart.

She’s a wily dawg, low to the ground, mostly unassuming, sitting so lady-like, paws crossed over each other.  However, she has the mind of a highly trained bloodhound, sniffing out the best presents upon which to lay claim.

Well, not really.  But she loves to sleep, especially on a nice, soft quilt that my daughter just happened to spread out on the fake grass outside their back door.

Perhaps my offspring is the wily one; is this her way of subtly hinting that another quilt needs to find its way to their abode?  Maybe.  If nothing else, it makes a great shot to post on the blog, while other quilts simmer, books too.  I’m about to start revisions, as my husband is watching our hapless San Francisco Giants on TV.  I’m paying attention to the Costa Rica/Greece footie game, 1-0 Costa Rica who is playing with only ten men.  Five minutes remain of that game, with a little stoppage time.  Buttercup could care less who wins the World Cup.  Now that Mexico is out, I’m pulling for the US to do well, and I like Columbia, who surprised Uruguay yesterday.  And if Costa Rica can hang on…  I like underdogs, maybe why Buttercup is so beloved.  She was a rescue dog, who has turned into our grand-basset, even if she lounges on the Bonhoeffer quilt.

I don’t know what Dietrich Bonhoeffer would make of that, but hopefully he won’t mind.  Buttercup looks so peaceful, I’d hate to disturb her precious slumber. (Meanwhile, in Brazil, Greece has hit an equalizer, 1-1 going into extra time…)

2 thoughts on “A Quilt For Buttercup

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Love the pic! And the shady, lazy day in the grass…even if it is fake…nice.

    Yippee-Columbia won…without resorting to Uruguayan biting tactics…geesh!



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