Tennis and a quilt top…

Last night I finished the Former Roomie quilt top, also made the binding, while my husband watched a Magnum P.I. rerun.  I took a couple of shots of the quilt top last night, with my hubby’s assistance.  Then I snapped a few more this morning, in between shots of tennis.  I love watching tennis, especially Wimbledon.  And this morning’s match between Maria Sharapova and Angelique Kerber was one of those that needed as much of my attention as I could manage.

But still, there was a quilt top to properly photograph.

I like hanging them from our laundry line, in the early morning, although I probably could have gotten out there a few minutes earlier, to better avoid the sun.  However, I was tied to the television, which I never watch, unless it’s live sport, or Doctor Who.  Taped sport holds no appeal; the winner is already known.  Live sport, be it American football or baseball or tennis or football, oh my goodness…  I am made helpless, as tension and drama and athleticism explode from the screen, truly the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.  Checking my computer, I saw that Sharapova was down 2-0 in the third set, so I hurried to the living room, turned on the box, and sat with yarn in my hands, as Kerber went up 3-0, then Maria won a game, 3-1.  Then I remembered I wanted to photograph the quilt top before the sun rose too highly.  But which point to miss, what shot to abandon?  Quickly I gathered the good camera, the quilt top, catching glances at magnificent points, as Kerber went up 4-1.  Taking the fabric outside, I pinned it to the line, snapped a picture, ran back into the house, caught a bevy of baseline shots, went back outside, and by the time I came in, Kerber was still leading.  Another upset was in the making.

Photographed from the back, which I think is just as beautiful as the front.

The men’s draw has been as expected, all four top seeds basically unbothered.  The women’s draw is another story entirely, what with only the #3 seed of the top five remaining.  Maria had a fantastic opportunity, what with Serena Williams out, but even as she won a game, Kerber continued making incredible shots, and unlike Maria, no unforced errors, until she doubled faulted on her serve.  At 5-4, with Maria serving, I scuttled into the grotto, taking photos from the camera, then checked the tennis; to my shock, Kerber was ready to break Maria’s serve to win the match, which she did!  Sharapova won this tournament ten years ago, but has never taken it again, losing in the final in 2011, the closest she has come to earning another Wimbledon crown.  This year the women’s title will be in new hands, and I’m pulling for Sabine Lisicki, who lost to Marion Bartoli in last year’s final.  But we’re days away from that action.

In the meantime, there’s another quilt top in need of a backing and batting and so forth.  That will happen next week, a post-Fourth of July activity.  Too much sport calls for my attention, like that football game between the US and Belgium this afternoon, more footie throughout the week, and of course, tennis!  I don’t play any sports, but my appreciation for that pastime is enormous.  It’s certainly not like writing, or quilting; it’s physical, calling out of the player all they have to give.  Writing does that, yes, but in a cerebral manner, which sport also requires, but the body is put through the wringer.  And the older I get, the more I enjoy watching those younger push their frames to the limit.

I’m happy to plop on the sofa, or sit at the sewing machine, admiring all their hard work.

A spool of quilt binding, awaiting its final destination.

A spool of quilt binding, awaiting its final destination.

Still, fashioning a quilt top isn’t easy, nor is basting it, although this one isn’t overly large.  It’s fifty-six by seventy-three inches thereabouts, and next week it will possess innards and a back.  Next week one man and one woman will have hoisted their respective rackets to the heavens, while a select few footballers will be aching to reach their final.  The glory of achievement, be it in fabrics or sport or tall tales continues, blessings after blessings indeed.

2 thoughts on “Tennis and a quilt top…

  1. laura bruno lilly

    I love your feet peeking underneath the hoisted quilt top. 😉

    That spool of binding looks nice and scrappy…can’t wait to see how it looks on the completed quilt.

    Enjoy your fourth!


    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Those are the hubby’s feet actually. I’m the shortest one in the house, better for him to hoist it up!

      I can’t wait either; I think it’s going to be pretty colourful!

      Enjoy your fourth too.



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