A Quilt For a Former Roomie

I finished this quilt two days ago, but other events have precluded me from posting about it, namely The World Cup.  The first semi-final was the sort of game that just seemed unreal.  The second semi was everything soccer is about.

I watched the first fifteen minutes of the Brazil-Germany match with my youngest daughter, who has been around all week.  She came back with me, after my dad’s chemo session, and it’s been lovely having her around.  At about twenty minutes into the game, her former roomie called, while I was stitching the binding for that young woman’s quilt.  My daughter took the call in the sewing grotto, for it was already 1-0 Germany; what more damage could be done?

A silly question, for within the next ten minutes three more goals were scored, or was it four?  It was so many that I can’t even recall now, as over and over I jumped up, scurrying to the grotto, calling out the scores: two nil, three nil, four nil…  By halftime it was five nil, a nightmare for the host nation, a bizarre score more akin to baseball.  By the end of the evening, that quilt was basted and so was Brazil, a 7-1 crushing defeat that could only be made worse if Argentina happened to beat Holland the following day.

Which, ahem, they did.

My life is bound up in what I do; sewing, writing, watching sport.  Other things too, loving my nearest and dearest, and that’s where the quilts come in.  This week has provided my youngest and me plenty of time for chats, amid the sewing and footie.  We spoke of her goals, and mine too, a quest that is something along the lines of everyone needs a quilt.  And a book or two to find comfort within.  Making this quilt has brought me great personal pleasure; I love the florals and the bright solids.  Seeing it in person, the solids aren’t quite so bold, but in photos it seems they stand out starkly.  I like how I quilted it, and tomorrow it will be in the hands of its owner.

It is better to give than to receive, although I don’t know if the Brazilians would agree…

2 thoughts on “A Quilt For a Former Roomie

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      She knew it was coming, because my daughter can’t keep a secret! 🙂 But she was so pleased, always a pleasure to see that reaction.



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