Chapter 75 and a quilt top….

Day # four of the retreat, and I’ve finally begun the writing.  Not a lot of writing, mind you, a short-ish chapter, but when one has painted oneself into a corner concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis, well…

And when this writer hasn’t written in nearly six months, today’s foray back into the world of words wasn’t going to be some 5K extravaganza.  But I think the 2K-plus I’ve added will be enough for one day, not only in getting the story back into gear, but myself returned onto a horse that I never actually forget how to ride.  It’s just a little bumpy, these first few outings sitting in the saddle.

I will say the last few days have been full of tasks related to writing, and to sewing; I fashioned the quilt top for a toddler, and my goodness, smaller quilts are a breeze to put together.  I sewed five rows on Monday night, the other seven on Tuesday evening, then attached them all last night.  And I am very pleased with it, the whale print a leftover from my daughter’s whale quilt.  The binding needs to be sewn; I’ll get to that this afternoon, once I’ve gone to the store for some groceries and sundries.  One thing about writing is that I am strictly a morning person.  A chapter once I’m fully awake, then the rest of the day is free for whatever else comes up.  I still need to get in a walk, before it gets too warm.  Reading all day for the last three days precluded much else, other than the little bit of sewing.  Now a different schedule rules.

But I would be amiss if I didn’t share this rather telling photo of Buttercup, who has her own way of living.  My youngest was keeping an eye on her last weekend, while my eldest and her hubby were away.  Buttercup needed a bath, and afterwards, wasn’t overly pleased.  I have never seen such animosity in any animal’s face, but you know what happens when a woman is scorned.  Or a Buttercup is bathed.  I’m feeling that quilts are going to pop up in future chapters of The Hawk, but I’m not sure about a rather peeved basset.  However, if one does, you’ll know exactly the inspiration for that hound’s inclusion.

The way her paw is curled into her body accentuates her anger; don't you come near me, she seems to be saying, or perhaps silently howling.

The way her paw is curled into her body accentuates her anger; don’t you come near me, she seems to be saying, or perhaps silently howling.  Although now her fur is so white and clean…

2 thoughts on “Chapter 75 and a quilt top….

  1. laura bruno lilly

    2K, 5K…sounds like NaNo in August…you go girl!

    And about that ‘peeved bassett’ don’t ya think that would make good character fodder for an animal in one of your novels? After all, sweet and cuddly only captures the attention of readers for so long. 😉

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      I completely agree about a peeved basset; in one of my unpublished novels I included a very independent and bossy dachshund; I love bringing human characteristics to animals. They’re not all sweet and cuddly! 😀



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