Sometimes quilts, like novels, just end…

I spent much of today doing myriad things, but a few items were top of the list: make potato salad, start basting the mum quilt, and watch vintage Doctor Who.

The last was sort of by accident; the episodes listed on TV were of more recent Who, however, the husband and I caught “The Girl In The Fireplace” and “Blink”, and I have yet to see yesterday’s new show.  But when you have fantastic Who such as those two, who needs anything more?

As for the salad and quilt, well, the salad is now chilling in the fridge.  And the quilt…

The quilt is basted.  I had planned to go back the other way, but like the little sister quilt, the mum quilt will be quilted in one direction.  Sometimes books end before I expect them too (although The Hawk does not fall into that category); on occasion a quilt does the same.  Of course, there remains plenty of work for that quilt; edges trimmed, perimeter sewn, binding attached…  And speaking of attached bindings, I finished the toddler quilt yesterday at my daughter’s house, while she cut wedges for a Christmas tree skirt.

And Buttercup kept an eye on us both, Scrappy’s Big Sister hanging over the couch in the background.  Quilts a’plenty around here and my eldest’s house, as it should be.

Back to writing tomorrow; The Hawk isn’t going to finish itself.  But I needed a couple of days away.  Gave me perspective on the quilt, and time with my daughter and the hound.  And a good dose of Doctor Who doesn’t hurt the creative spark at all.  The Tennant episodes went a little over the top at the end, but Tennant and Piper are a hard combo to beat.  Gives me inspiration to get back to writing; one of these days Eric, Lynne, Sam, and Renee are going to reach The End.  In that, I must believe!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes quilts, like novels, just end…

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Lovely lavender backing fabric. Can’t wait to see its front. Knowing you it’s probably finished by now, eh?! 😀

    Buttercup looks trim, fit and cool atop the tile floor…hope you’re staying cool, too.


    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Funnily enough, this quilt has run into a few life roadblocks. I’d like to blame Buttercup, but not everything revolves around her, although I’m sure she’d beg to differ. 🙂



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