For a Bestie Far Away

This quilt has already reached its owner, but I finished it a week ago.  I didn’t want to post about it until it was where it belonged, but now I can share it up close on the blog.

And when I say up close, I mean up close.

I don’t take a lot of post-quilting photographs, or at least not anywhere but on the laundry line.  I’m not good at getting those terrifically artsy shots, in part that I’m not an artsy snapper, nor does my house have loads of natural light conducive to highlighting one’s handiwork.  But I wanted to showcase this quilt, in that it’s one of my faves, as is the person to whom it now belongs.  It was also one of my more adventurous designs, which isn’t saying much; I’m not into complicated patterns.  But I like how the sashes frame the vibrant hues, and how the binding doesn’t detract, yet is a little fancy itself.

I included this shot, mostly because it's sort of pretty, not that it displays the quilt in any particular manner.

I included this shot, mostly because it’s sort of pretty, not that it displays the quilt in any particular manner.

I didn’t quilt through the sashes, as I didn’t want to muss them up.  Instead I stitched in the ditch, leaving a four-inch gap around the edges of the quilting, which I then reinforced with some hand-sewing, just to give myself peace of mind that the backstitching wouldn’t come out.

After all that hard work, the last thing I wanted to hear was the stitches had come loose…

I sent it off last Monday, to the Midwest, for that young woman’s birthday, although her special day isn’t for a few weeks.  Still, in the Midwest it’s getting chilly, why I wanted it to arrive sooner rather than later.  Also because I just couldn’t wait anymore; I wanted her to have this comforter.  There are few things in this world better than sharing love, maybe there’s nothing better.  In this quilt was sewn many good feelings, and lots and lots of love.  Why wait to send it?

The particulars are thus; fifteen by seventeen four-inch squares, with a four-inch Kona ash border all around.  It’s backed with soft lilac flannel, bound with a gray print decorated with white vines.  Made up mostly of batiks, with some tone on tone and another viney-looking fabric, it’s all about staving off the winter chill.  And now it’s resting on the owner’s bed, pleasing her immensely.

This is why I quilt.  And now that baseball’s over, there’s more time than before.  Best I get to it, if you know what I mean…


2 thoughts on “For a Bestie Far Away

  1. laura bruno lilly

    I especially like the binding fabric…as I can see it in these close up shots.
    Was wondering what thickness of the loft batting you used?
    Which quilt is on your cutting table now that it’s been cleared off? Ha!

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      I like that binding fabric; it’s pretty, but doesn’t overwhelm the sashes or clash with the quilt.

      I always use Pellon 100% cotton 1/16th loft. It makes for a malleable quilt that is plenty warm with a flannel back, lovely with cotton. One of these days I’ll try a heavier loft, but so far I’ve been happy with the 1/16th.

      I’m about to start the quilting, probably stitched in the ditch, on a project that I’ve kept under wraps. Then one for my sis is awaiting its turn, plus some Christmas placemats in the queue. That will hopefully finish up 2014! 😀

      And how goes NaNo??? Been thinking of you! 😉



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