So much to sew…

And to wash; the Tropical Pop Quilt is done, simply needs to be laundered.  I completed the binding last night while watching the Golden State Warriors trounce the LA Lakers (but not watching New England beat Indianapolis in football…).  I’ll get that comforter in the washer today, then reveal the finished quilt.

But in the meantime….  There’s a Christmas gift for my godchild waiting on the quilt wall, Christmas place mats for which much of the fabric has been cut.  I went on an OLFA spree recently, slicing fabrics as if the end of the world was nigh.  Maybe the end of the year was my inspiration.  Whatever it was, I have piles of squares waiting to be pieced together, making my fingers itch.  My godchild’s quilt will be the last big project of 2014, several smaller items eagerly calling my name.  Place mats are a cinch; three by four squares, like little doll blankets.  Oh, I’m also making my godchild a matching doll comforter, but that will take about as much effort as the place mats.  After nearly a year full of mostly big quilts, these smaller projects will feel like a treat.

Not that I’m quilted-out.  I’m just ready for a change.  Large projects are sort of like writing The Hawk; you wonder when it will end.  Now, the blessing with quilts is that relatively much less work is involved.  Well, relatively or not, it takes far less time to make a quilt than to write a book.  But when all the quilts have been lap-sized or larger, sewing starts to feel a little tedious.  It’s like watching baseball, then watching basketball.  Basketball is up and down the court, while baseball loiters on the field.  Baseball is good for lazy summer days, while basketball keeps one warm, what with all that running and such.

Sorry, even in a sewing post, sport muscles its way in.

Shot the husband took, waiting to depart this morning.

Anyway, I have loads to keep myself busy, while my husband is away on business, while the Warriors are off all week, while I could care less about the Pittsburg/Tennessee game tonight.  I’ve read through what could be the third delineated part of The Hawk, should I choose to break it into parts.  I need to wash one quilt, start another, plot out place mats, and complete some cloth diaper wipes.  Those are mindless, what I will probably work on this evening, when I’m not watching any kind of sport, but likely listening to albums.  Maybe some of that tropically popping Hollie Cook, to celebrate finishing the Tropical Pop quilt!  Not sure if I’ll cut any more fabric; sometimes I get in a groove, be it writing or reading or all that goes along with sewing.  It’s not just slapping squares on the quilt wall; first those squares have to come into being, from cuts of fabrics shoved in the grotto’s closet.  Those selections are ironed, folded, placed onto the cutting mat, then….  Then I have stacks of squares from which to work.  I don’t think there is a writing equivalent of that part of it.  Cutting fabric sort of stands on its own.

Or maybe that’s part of the plotting process, or maybe I’m just trying to while away time, what with my husband not within shouting distance.  This week I’ll keep busy, certainly not a shortage of things for me to accomplish.  By the time he gets home, well, something will have been done, maybe a few of them.  Maybe we’ll watch the Warriors game together, once I collect him from the airport.  He’ll have stories to share, I will too.  Goodness only knows what will have emerged from my sewing machine, but all of it will be fashioned in love.

Sunrise from Sunday morning, coming back from having breakfast with the hubby....

Sunrise from Sunday morning, coming back from having breakfast with the hubby….

I sew because there is love to be shared.  I write, when I do write, for that same reason.  I watch sports because….  Well, I don’t know why, other than I started watching the San Francisco 49ers with my dad, whom I love.  Maybe that’s all the reason necessary right there.  Whatever you do today, may love enhance those tasks.  Or at least may love take off the edge….

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