A Quilt for My Godchild

Days ago, I finished this quilt, but just as I did, I had to leave for an extended sojourn; doctor appointments and an all-too-brief visit with Grand-Master Z.  I was away from home for one week, many miles traversed during that time.  And tomorrow I’m again on the road, like a traveling circus of sorts.  But before I left again, one special quilt needed to go to the post.  And yesterday I accomplished that task, so my goddaughter will have a quilt in time for Christmas.

And an extra little blanket, for her dolls.  Nothing like employing scraps for such a good purpose!

This is the last quilt of the year, or the last big quilt for 2014.  If I can swing it, I’ll make a lap quilt next week, and I have some place mats that I’d like to finish before the 24th.  But in my initial foray into quilting, this year has been filled with fabric, and these warm blues, aquas, and periwinkles were some fabulous cottons with which to work.  Not often colours in my retinue, but now I’m hooked, even if the shades of the season are red, green, and white.

Right now, Christmas feels sort of far away….

Part of that is having not been at home for much of this month.  Between the end of Thanksgiving and right now, I’ve hardly been in my house.  Luckily I spent much of the end of November sewing place mat tops, this quilt, and a few other bits that now wait for me to complete them.  This Christmas quilt in blue was done in time, yet I didn’t have a proper box in which to post it.

After a few deliveries during my absence, an appropriate box arrived.  Now this quilt is on its way across the country, to a not-so-chilly locale, but quilts are necessary regardless of the lack of Christmas-style precipitation.  And I have one more item checked off my list.

This comforter was a good way to wrap up my first year of quilting, a year that upon reflection looks like one lived in some sort of alternate universe.  The whole sewing-gig could constitute its own parallel world, but then there is my dad’s battle with cancer, which seems to be changing just as quickly as quilts come and go.  Dad isn’t doing so well, and I can’t say just where 2015 will take him.  Those twenty-five years he felt he still had, back in late September, seem to have slipped away on a furious wind.  There’s a storm blowing through Northern California today, and I feel like that storm has found my dad.  And there is very little I can do for either tempest.

All I can do is pray, wait, and sew.  And maybe one of these days I’ll write.  But The Hawk feels ages away, like writing was my old life, not so much ingrained in this new realm.  This new realm consists of beginnings, endings, fabrics, and road trips.  No idea where to shoehorn a novel into all of that.

Master Z's adorable tootsies...

Master Z’s adorable tootsies…

Yet here’s a Christmas quilt in blue, for a child close to my heart.  Life is a stream of fluid currents, and as long as I keep my head above the water, all is well.  Doesn’t matter where I’m heading, so may the wind blow, and the post go.  This is simply another day, another entry, another gift; it is the season of Advent.

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