A little something just for me….

Amid writing, waiting for a baby’s arrival, and wondering if/when my dad is going to feel better, I’ve started a lap quilt for myself.  I cut out the fabrics last week, have been sewing them together since Saturday.  Today I’ll complete the quilt top, and possibly sort the rest of the sandwich.  I’m pretty sure I have an adequate backing, batting is sufficient, and the binding is laying atop in the above photo, some scraps from my birthday quilt supplemented with strips from prints within the quilt.

After nearly a year of this, I have accumulated enough of a stash to pull a quilt outta my hat.

Right now my life is sort of on stand-by.  My youngest daughter is due quite soon, but not soon enough that I have to be there.  Meanwhile my father is trudging along, chemo late effects causing him days worse than when he was actually receiving chemotherapy.  At this moment I’m home, poking about with words, hawks, quilts, and the occasional basketball game, which suffices until baseball season starts in a couple of months’ time.

The flower print caught my eye, and I couldn't say no.

The flower print caught my eye, and I couldn’t say no.

By then, I’ll be an abuela.  For now, I’m waiting.

And while I wait, I keep busy.  Writing takes up the bulk of the morning, but there’s an afternoon aching to be filled with activities.  This quilt is partially made up of fabrics my eldest gave me last year for my birthday.  The other main print is a cream, flowery cotton I bought at Joanns, with a hint of plum; I found it in my stash, and immediately had to use it in a quilt.

Sometimes that’s how it goes, like getting the idea for a novel.  You just run with it, and not worry where it will take you.

This is a rather busy quilt, but it’s mine, and I like it.  (I could easily say that about The Hawk, hmmm.  I wonder what that means.)  It’s twelve by fifteen four-inch squares, with speckles of squares from past projects.  I also like to do that, as if I’m incorporating other quilts within what I’m currently creating.  I want to quilt this more thoroughly than most of my previous projects, so I’m eager to finish this part of the process.  I’m sure my daughter feels the same about her situation, but we have to wait, allowing these things to take their own sweet time.

I still need to sew the binding together, but at least the pieces are in place.

I still need to sew the binding together, but at least the pieces are in place.

As for my dad….  He and Mom went to breakfast on Sunday, which was a vast improvement compared to when I saw him last week; he was as sick as I have yet to see him.  There’s no plausible explanation, other than cancer sucks and chemotherapy has drawbacks, sometimes severe.  Just as there is nothing I can do to speed along these last weeks of my daughter’s pregnancy, I can’t heal my dad.  It’s a slightly helpless sensation.

So instead, I’ll sew.  And write, don’t forget the writing.  And amid those tasks, I pray.  And tomorrow is another day….

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