Lots of Quilting

Today I’m not writing anymore than this post; sometimes I need to take off a day, or three, just to catch my breath.  In the meantime, I have plenty to sew, as well contemplating The Hawk.  I’ve left the story with a big trip slated for Eric and Lynne, which is going to affect the entire cast.  But I’ll deal with that fallout next week.  This weekend I’m going to see my dad, who is now on morphine for pain.  Not sure what that means in the big scheme, what I hope to discover before I sit to write next week.

I have been working on the abuela quilt; yesterday afternoon was spent either with me at the sewing machine, or I was outside, pinning cloth diaper covers to the line.  A gal who works with my husband gifted our family with a treasure trove of covers, not to mention three bags of twelve month to 2T clothes!  Other goodies were included, but to this former cloth diapering mama, these covers, all in very good shape, were like gold.

Usually quilts hog the laundry line; yesterday it was diaper covers!

Usually quilts hog the laundry line; yesterday it was diaper covers!

In our day, these sorts of covers weren’t cheap, and they were mostly made of plastic, which eventually cracked, then went into the bin.  Technology has vastly altered cloth diapering, to the point where I feel I’ve earned at least a masters in the subject.  Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the babies upon which to place these covers.

But as I wait, I’ll bind a quilt.  Well, first I’ll complete the quilting, after this post is done, then attach the front of the binding.  This weekend, amid visits with family, I’ll find a comfy chair and hand-sew the binding to the flannel back.  Then this project will get popped into the washer, and come out a beautifully crinkly blanket.

If you look to the right, you can see the missed row; can't forget to sort that!

If you look to the right, you can see I missed a row; can’t forget to sort that!

Or that’s the current plan.

I received a new walking foot for Christmas, and between this blanket and the two for my grandson, I have been very pleased with the results.  I even used the foot when piecing the backing, and I had no tugging of the flannel, which was fabulous.  Nothing like the right tools for the job to make the task go smoothly.  And right now, easy-going is the name of the game.

2014 was a year of instigating change.  2015 looks to be the year of adapting to those alterations, one chapter, quilt, and cloth-diapered bum at a time…

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