Odds and ends and a burrito’s cloth diapers….

I want to squeeze in this post about cloth diapers before it gets lost in the burrito shuffle.  Right now the burrito and his mum are both asleep, but due to wake soon.  Dinner is simmering, a chickpea/curry/veg dish that was supposed to be for the slow cooker, but I didn’t wake this morning until eight, and still had to cook the soaking-overnight chickpeas, and….

And life with a burrito baby gets complicated; there are detours, even with a burrito as pleasantly natured as this one.  Last night we hung out for a bit, while mum caught up on some sleep.  Usually I’m an early riser, but that was my old, pre-nana existence.  I’m finding my abuela feet these days, sometimes referring to myself as nana.  No idea which name will stick; I’ll leave it to the burrito to choose which he likes best.

But in the meantime….  We’ve inaugurated cloth diapers because this burrito detests a wet bottom, and even though he’s still under eight pounds, I grew weary of using disposables, then tossing them right into the can.  We have an assortment of pocket diapers, from Bum Genius, Fuzzibunz, and Rumparooz to Sun Baby, Imagine, Nicki’s, and a few covers that came from a friend.  Basically, there is a plethora from which to choose, and while a good number are VERY large on the burrito, none of them stay on his bum long enough to leak.

Dad has a tale for that great-grandchild....

Dad has a tale for that great-grandchild….

I feel no guilt in changing him, then smooshing that wet or messy (or both) pocket diaper down into the pail, along with the cloth wipe.  And he doesn’t seem to care either way.

The reason I’m writing this post is because so many cloth diapering posts I have read over the last few months have been full of mums who waited until their burritos were eight-plus pounds to start using cloth diapers.  We all realized, right away mind you, that the burrito prefers a dry bottom; rare are the times he’ll sit with a soggy butt.  That is a fortunate detail in our cloth diapering experience, for even with the bulkiest diaper, he hasn’t leaked through.  The Bum Genius, Rumparooz, and a cover-style with snap-in inserts called Gro-Baby fit best, or are the smallest pockets.  But even those are still large, however, it matters not.  The burrito uses the diaper, hollers, then another is placed upon his delicate bum.

Great-grandma gets into thte burrito cuddling action....

Great-grandma gets into thte burrito cuddling action….

Now, we did NOT use a pocket diaper when we took the burrito to visit his great-grandparents, in part that the lumberjack-styled onesie wouldn’t have fit over his otherwise huge cloth diapered behind.  My dad was pleased as punch to meet this baby, telling stories as if his pain was gone.  It wasn’t; Dad nearly went to the hospital the night before our visit.  However his aches had lifted by morning, and our arrival in the early afternoon was eagerly welcomed.  Mom cuddled with that baby too, gifting him with a St. Paddy’s Day onesie.  The burrito needs to wear it, before he gets any bigger!

Aged hands but never too old to caress a loved one.

Aged hands but never too old to caress a loved one.

Babies get bigger every day, but I’m glad that my daughter was ready to give the pocket diapers a go.  If you have a little one with very sensitive skin, but worry they are too small for pockets or covers to fit, give them a try.  The worst that will happen is one change of clothes.  The best is that disposables will start to fade into the background.  And you can always sing this mantra, made up by yours truly only this morning.  I don’t charge a dime for copyright, and the tune is all up to you.

Small man, small problems, big butt.  ‘Nuff said….

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