Quilting here and there….

So I can finally share these new creations, as I gave them to my daughter and son-in-law over the weekend.  It’s been hard keeping mum about these quilts, but a zipped lip provides for surprises.  And the recipients were ever so pleased…

The baby quilt is half batiks, which my daughter loves, coupled with some tone on tone pieces, plus a few random extras.  I found the cream flowery print at Eddie’s Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale, which acted as the anchor.  Then I chose the red/coral shade, which brightens up the whole teal/purple scheme.  I want to get back to Eddie’s, picking up another half yard or so of that flower print; I just love it!

It’s backed with a lively tye-dye sort of flannel, stitched in the ditch for maximum softness.  I used a gray/brown flowery piece for the binding, wanting to incorporate as much femininity as possible for the granddaughter-in-question.  I chose to make a more modern-looking quilt over nursery fabrics mostly because it was hard finding teal baby fabric.  But for the nursery quilt, I had more leeway….

Making a quilt just for the nursery is merely an excuse to make another quilt, hee hee.  I did this for the burrito, who is growing by leaps and bounds and will make his new cousin appear even more dainty when she arrives next month.  This quilt combines some of the Babar fabrics that the burrito’s comforter possesses with extra purple and pink.  And some batiks, for good measure.

It has a pieced backing; purple for my daughter, flowers for me, and coral as it matches and extends the length.  It’s also stitched in the ditch, for extra snuggly goodness, with a scrappy binding.

We visited that family yesterday, and the nursery is coming right along.  I can’t believe how quickly 2015 is passing, not sure what that means in the wider sense, although I clearly recall my dad telling me years ago that time passed fast for him when he was my age, and now it zooms along even more rapidly.

Dad must have shared that at least ten, maybe fifteen years ago.  And he was right, because here I am, about to become an abuela yet again!  And while I wish he was here to cuddle this great-grandchild, I know he’s keeping an eye on all of us.

And in Dad’s place, Buttercup does the watching.  Or rather the napping.  My daughter noted that until the rug arrived, along with the crib, Buttercup could have cared less about hanging out in the nursery.  Now it’s her place, and she looks very happy.

Quilts for the baby, a rug for Buttercup.  All is well in the world….

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