More about the new normal….

I’m in the process of changing this website’s appearance; something hit me this morning, not sure what, but instead of hopping right into the shower, I started perusing new website themes.  I chalk it up to all the improv quilting, and other basic but fundamental changes in my life these days.

So if you come visiting the site, and find a vastly altered vista, I have issued a warning….

In the meantime, here’s a hint of the latest quilt-on-the-make.  I cut the orange squares a little too small, but will scatter them within the project.  It’s a floating squares sort of thing, although not as floaty as I would like. But for my first no-ruler attempt, I’m fairly pleased with the results.  And I’m still working on that little improv quilt; it simply needs the binding attached, but amid a new-found sewing scheme, I’ve not changed the presser foot back to the walking foot.  Or that yesterday I read four chapters of The Hawk, deciding to hasten Part Two’s conclusion by one chapter.  It would better serve the beginning of Part Three, which I might get around to poking at this morning.

Once I finish this post, change the site’s theme, take a shower, drink some coffee, although maybe not in that order.  The new normal seems busier than the old normal.  A lot more floaty and grandchild-filled too….

Keeping an eye on Grandmaster Z yesterday; he has a keen interest in quilting....

Keeping an eye on Grandmaster Z yesterday; he has a keen interest in quilting, or at least in bright colours.

2 thoughts on “More about the new normal….

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Wow, what a great way to explore new themes without putting the site off-line. I liked yesterday’s one best so far, I think it was Hemingway revisited or something like that. This 2012 is mine, only I did a child theme and some adjustments, so the personalization makes it look different. My question is this: have you freaked out when you push the convert button? For me, I’d be afraid of losing it all since most of my plugins and such are not updated….being is harder that way.

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      I liked that one too, but when pictures are clicked on, the photo remains small, which isn’t conducive to sharing quilts. I thought this new font looked familiar; seems great minds think alike! 🙂



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