The Morning a Child Is Born

Today Little Miss arrived.  She was a few, well, several days late, but that’s according to speculative calculations.  She did seem rather fond of being where she was, and a little coaxing was required.  Yet now that she is with us, I feel like she’s always been here.

I chalk that up to how much she looks like her mother at that age.  And her slightly spitty disposition, albeit very pleasant overall, rings bells from years ago when her mum was that tiny.  How is that, I wonder, on this now afternoon that a child was born.

Yet seconds turn to minutes, changing to hours, and suddenly it’s past lunchtime, and I’m pondering this new family member (who looks remarkably like an older family member), as well as considering how blessed we all are by her health and beauty and simply her being with us.  Not that her birth was fraught with complications, other than she wasn’t in any hurry in being born.  Just that life is precarious, yet, it begins anew day after day and today my granddaughter took her first breath, had her first bath, was christened with a moniker that I adore.  We’ve all been calling her Phil for the last several months, as her folks wanted her name to remain under wraps.  As my husband and I walked from the labour ward, I slipped, speaking about Phil, I mean….  Little Miss, I laughed at myself.  A little miss who lifts my soul, as well as those who call her daughter and granddaughter.

Showing off; he's not even four months old and could stand by himself, grasping onto the coffee table's edge....

Showing off; the burrito isn’t even four months old and can stand by himself, grasping onto the coffee table’s edge….

And niece, grand-niece, great-granddaughter, and don’t forget cousin.  The burrito will meet his cousin later today, and I wonder if he’ll pass along nuggets of newbornhood; keep them on their toes, he’ll gurgle, while Little Miss might flash her dark eyes, or show off her light brown hair, with a hint of a curl.  I cannot express the level of joy I possess in the lives of these two descendants, who will grow up together, getting into countless scrapes and building a friendship lasting their entire lives.  That’s another reason this day is spectacular; I might be pushing fifty, but these babies are bound for years past mine, and I get to witness not only those moments, but relish this one, as they meet, as I held that wee girl, as the sun began to glow from the east.

Hours ago her life began; already new chapters are being written, quilting her into the fabric of my family.

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