Helping out at home….

This has been the sort of year that wherever I lay my head is home.  The past week I’ve been staying with my youngest and the Burrito, heading to my sister’s house while she recuperates.  I’m in my hometown, where at the beginning of this year I tended to my daughter and her baby, then my father.  Now it’s Sis’ turn….

Well, and my youngest and her offspring.  I’m the sort with free time and a calling to nurture.  2015 has been a year full of medical occurrences in which my presence has been welcomed.  I do miss my hubby, no question, but I’m also blessed with a large family.  I’ll be going back to Silicon Valley tomorrow, maybe even in time to see some of the Warriors’ victory parade!  But if I miss it, that’s okay.  Golden State took the 2015 NBA championship, and perhaps this autumn, I’ll be sporting a royal blue hoodie with yellow print on the front.

The Burrito keeping cool at Sis' house.

The Burrito keeping cool at Sis’ house.

However….  Right now it’s HOT in the Sacramento Valley, although early in the morning, it’s cool.  And quiet; daughter and grandson are snoozing, I have a cuppa, and my sis has her better half and best friend to assist.  I’ll traipse over there for lunch, compiling a grocery list before I say Hasta La Vista later tonight.  Both my sis and I are creatures of well-ingrained habits, and right now we’re equally fish out of water, what with her sore backside and slow steps and me living north of my typical climes.  Yet it hasn’t felt odd, well, she says her left hip is tight, and maybe her left leg is a tad shorter than it used to be.  Last night we took a fairly long walk around her neighborhood, she with crutches, myself and her best friend at her side.  Sis went further than she had first announced, then we turned around, for as she said, she didn’t want to be stupid.  Recovery from this procedure is going well, but she doesn’t want to rush it.  Similarly, I’m in no hurry to get home, in that I’ve enjoyed tending to those I love.  Fantastic conversations have been shared, good food has been gobbled, the Warriors won, although Sis is a Cavs’ fan.  She took that loss gracefully, one careful foot in front of the other.

Sis’ kitties spar on her bed; perhaps one likes Steph Curry, the other LeBron James….

I’ve made some inroads towards the first quilt in The Stanford Series; I’ll be first attempting Christopher Burkett’s Morning Storm.  Did a little fabric shopping yesterday while Sis napped, coming away with some vibrant greens to complement the navy blue I already have.  I picked up some dark blue fat quarters as well, and thread; I always need thread.  I also chose a yellow fat quarter in a subtle print, might need to return for some brown.

My grandmother with my son circa 1990.  Not quite Sis with the Burrito, but a good facsimile...

My grandmother with my son circa 1990. Not quite Sis with the Burrito, but a good facsimile…

Sis can’t wait to see the fruits of my labours, and I can’t wait to see her without crutches.  I believe she inherited her arthritis from our paternal grandmother, to whom she shares a strong resemblance.  I’m blessed to not have any sort of arthritic pain, and this with my sister has reminded me how precious is good health.  None of us are getting any younger, not even the Burrito or Little Miss.

Well, maybe Buttercup is ageless, but she’s a special girl.  I’m sure Sis feels the same toward her kittens, who were ever so pleased for her return.  And I know my husband is looking forward to my homecoming.  It won’t be as exuberant as the Warriors’ victory parade, but even for all the fun I’ve had over the last few days, my true home is at the side of the man I love most.

I have many homes, again another wonderful treasure.  And the best one is waiting for me, filled with my beloveds, plenty of quilts, loads of great books, and endless cuppas.  One of these days, one of these days….

2 thoughts on “Helping out at home….

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Love that expression on your GrandMa’s face…she musta been a real corker! 😀

    Burrito seems big and beefy, Little Miss seems tiny and dainty…both look happy and healthy. Nice.


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