Three quotes in how many ever days it takes….

My friend Laura tagged me in a blog challenge; three quotes in three days.  I accepted that challenge, noting that it would definitely take me more than three days, to which she didn’t object.  I love a friend who is flexible, hee hee.

A happy grandma with a Little Miss….

Since then, I’ve spent time with my kids and grandkids, pondered the first Father’s Day without my dad, but my son-in-law is now a parent.  Life evolves; from relatives to quilt-making techniques to books.

My son and the Burrito holding court.

My son and the Burrito holding court.

Oh yeah, books, The Hawk, ahem….  I can’t recall what I was last reading in that story, it has been that many days away.  Yet my sister is recovering well, I have hordes of new family photographs, including a shot of Dad stuck away in a box of ancient personal treasures.  I don’t know when this picture was taken, other than sometime in the 1980s.  I probably took it, but why?  That I will never know.

But I am still hoping to get back to writing sometime next month.  Today’s quote is clearly tied into The Hawk, even if I found the quote after the writing began.  GK Chesterton’s words solidified Sam Ahern and Seth Gordon’s experiences in Korea, and I have these words on an index card on my desk, always in view: The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

He still likes being swaddled, while she appreciates unfettered limbs.

He still likes being swaddled, while she appreciates unfettered limbs.

I can’t tell you where and when I found that quote, a moment as lost as when I snapped the picture of Dad.  But I will say those words cleared up a great deal within my mind for Sam and Seth, who went to Korea for very different reasons.  Now I just need to expand upon those purposes, one chapter at a time.

From yesterday, taken by Little Miss' other grandma.

From yesterday, taken by Little Miss’ other grandma.

But first, some revising, or rather refreshing this author of that story, those reasons, that purpose.  The purpose of The Hawk is….  Ahhh, well, that I won’t give away, in no small part because I am still discovering that purpose myself.  But when I’m pointed in the right direction, smooth sailing exists.  Now to just squirrel away the time to write; it’s coming, of that I am certain!

4 thoughts on “Three quotes in how many ever days it takes….

  1. laura bruno lilly

    I like how you incorporated your quote with the Hawk…and appreciate you not giving anything away as I am reading it!
    Sweet pics…especially the one of your two guys on the couch doing guy stuff! 😀

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Trying to maintain The Hawk’s mystery; glad I’m doing well on that point! 😀 It was a lovely weekend, what with all the family involved. Looking forward to sharing quote #2….


  2. diannegray

    Great to see you, Anna. Your family is certainly growing! Best of luck getting back into writing (I’m still on my ‘novel writing break’) 😉


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