A Tale of a Mid-Summer’s Quilt Top (or two….)

Actually, this is the story of one completed wall hanging and another wall hanging quilt top nearly finished.  But it is the fifteenth of July, mid-summer in full swing.  And I’ve been a busy sewing bee the last few days, finally feeling to have taken control of one unwieldy project while putting the final touches on a piece that has captivated me since the beginning.

Funny how something with innocuous beginnings can pluck the heartstrings.  This white, tone on tone yellow and teal project will rest on the wall in our computer/Janome area of the house, where I can divert my attention to how well this all came together.

Quilted in white on the diagonal, I’m not sure if it’s the hues with which I’m most pleased or the overall aesthetic appearance, but something calls to me in this little project.  Maybe it’s the size, or how summer will always be reflected, although summer in California already feels like a never-ending season.

But summer hearkens to honeysuckle, a vine of my childhood which now grows in my backyard.  Honeysuckle reminds me of my father, who a year ago was looking forward to his big party.  I will cherish the memories of that day as long as I live.

However, sometimes life takes left turns in Albuquerque.  The piece, or shall I say pieces, affixed to the quilt wall have been more of a headache than I dreamed.  I’d wanted to turn these colours into floating squares, but the more I worked with them, the less I liked them.

Fortunately I took a Burrito time-out.  Returning to the grotto, I played around with some scraps, my youngest daughter in need of coasters.  I decided to use a few red, yellow, and blue pieces, but they were too small.  So I hacked off some from the squares on the quilt wall, because by then a drastic step was necessary.

It was the best thing I could have done, although I have no clue as to how this block will be employed.  Far too big for a coaster or even a rug-mug, too small for a place mat, and I’m basically out of scraps to enlarge it.  I’ll stare at it for a bit, and see what evolves.

Next is sewing the new wall hanging-in-process together, then going through the whole quilting rigmarole.  Other fabrics are piling, not to mention chapters in need of attention.  Ten remain for The Hawk, then I can begin writing, oh dear lord!  I’ve been pining for that day, but in the meantime two wall hangings had to be sorted.  And now, basically, they have been, with a bonus square thrown in for good measure.  Measure by measure is how this life is lived.  “For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Luke 6.38 is the above verse in entirety.  Quilts tops and books, all in their own good time….

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