There Is Something Here

Within my novel September Story, there’s a book entitled There Is Something Here.  It becomes a vehicle for a falling from grace movie star to recapture his glory days, also a way for one woman to reconcile her past with the present.  It’s also the title of a playlist I made years ago, a playlist that has little to do with my book, or that written by fictional author Hannah Adams in September Story.

I’m listening to that playlist right now, something I concocted back when I lived in England before I was a writer and quilter, certainly long before I became a grandmother.  It was merely songs thrown together, from R.E.M. and Stevie Wonder to Cyndi Lauper and The Beatles.  Yet, the song “Michelle” became the crux of a book I wrote in September of 2008.  I called that novel September Story because no other title seemed apt, although There Is Something Here could have worked.  Instead, I used that within the story, which leads me to this post today.

Sometimes pieces are tucked away for later, then brought out just in the nick of time.

When I was a girl, I hated sewing, loathed it!  Now it’s a mainstay, although right now it’s taking a back seat to the words.  Last year words were scattered amid babies and my father’s death.  But 2016 has begun with chapters being written in The Hawk, while a duck quilt has taken shape.  I didn’t mean for the fabric WIP to have anything to do with fowl, goodness knows I get enough of that with the writing.  But a few triangles turned themselves into a duck and….

And a duck it will be.  I like photographing quilts in this manner, as they take on a stained-glass appearance.  It’s like how magically a couple of unconsciously yet strategically placed triangles turn into a duck, like how that playlist made in Britain flavored a novel set partially in that country, where at the time my heart still was.

But now it’s eight years later, eight years, dude!  Years and books and ducks, all right, one duck, also hawks.  I have a crazy plan for 2016, to *possibly* complete The Hawk.  Crazy, sure!  But without some inherent insanity, or at least plenty of caution thrown to the winds, why can’t something so outlandish be considered?  I used to hate sewing, now I love it.  I always wanted to be a writer, here I am with books published.  If the Golden State Warriors can be 34-2, well….

Which brings me to a notion I’d like to blog about one of these days.  How things evolve, like basketball, and publishing, and of course, ducks.  Or hawks, um, sure.  Ducks and hawks and the three point shot alongside independent publishing….

There is something here indeed, just keep reading between the lines….

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