Quotes Here and There….

Thanks to Laura Bruno Lilly, I’ve been asked to provide three quotes in three days.  Today’s was easy, just plucking it from a recent post: Git ‘er done, courtesy of my father.

Dad from March 2006

Dad from March 2006

I’ve been thinking about Dad recently; he died coming on a year ago, and this time last year he was….  Still at home, but not for much longer.  He had prostate cancer, COPD, and on the fourth of March 2015 was diagnosed with heart failure.  I remember that day like it was yesterday; for several weeks I’d been helping with my new grandson as well as assisting with Dad’s care, and that was the same day I was going home.

I wasn’t away more than a week, returning to my dad in hospice care at his house, but after only a few days, it proved to be too large a task for Mom and family.  Dad went into a care facility, and died less than a month later.

His health spiraled down so quickly, yet now I’m grateful that he didn’t suffer longer than he did.  And as for us….  2015 was full of many joys, what with The Burrito and Little Miss’ arrivals.  But as they grow, my father isn’t a part of their corporeal lives, although he’s never far away.  My kids tell me how much I sound like him, as if I could pass along his character simply by speech.  And if there was any statement I associate with my father, it’s his gravelly admonition to git ‘er done.

Those words can be attributed to a variety of meanings.  Right now I’ll slap it in my life alongside The Hawk as well as a baby blanket that is in the process of being hand-quilted.  Yet when thinking of my dad, I am most proud of how he was a recovering alcoholic.  The last ten years of his life, five of those spent battling cancer, he had been sober.  I never imagined he could stop drinking, and am still so thankful for that gift.  His last days were one kind of inspiration, but that final decade remains within me.

Thanks again to Laura for giving me a chance to reflect upon someone so loved and still greatly missed.  We’ll see what tomorrow’s quote elicits.

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