The Hawk, Part Eight

Last week I abruptly came to the end of writing another section of this saga, which means time to release yet another piece of this novel.  The way this tale is evolving is like no other I’ve written, which keeps me on my toes as well as providing necessary breaks in the work.  But the end is finally in sight, which also feels good.  One of these days I will complete this behemoth!

In the meantime, enjoy the latest slice of the pie, ha ha.  Plenty of references to that delicacy in The Hawk: Part Eight, which is available in all formats on Smashwords.

2 thoughts on “The Hawk, Part Eight

  1. laura bruno lilly

    “But the end is finally in sight,”
    Seems to me that’s been declared a few times during your Hawk-noveling… 😉
    I’m up for a slice of pie.



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