An easy-peasy little quilt top….

While I’m nearly done with the very big quilt top, I spent today fashioning a small one, in part that the big one was too large for the quilt wall, and I had to fold it, then put it elsewhere.  This morning the blank quilt wall looked bereft, so I pulled out some four-inch squares, cut a few more, and assembled what will be for a little boy, due soon.

Not within my family, let me say; it’s for a mum connected to my youngest, who has two daughters and is expecting a son.  I’ve already made quilts for those girls, and just needed a blank wall to design one for their impending little brother.  And what I found was just how rapidly patchwork lends itself to coming together.

This quilt top is nothing like the behemoth I’m still trying to complete, which of course parallels The Hawk, which hangs around my writing as if I’m never going to write The End.  Both of those e-nor-mo projects will one of these days go in the can, but in the meantime….

I needed something a little different.  Something easy, if you know what I mean.  And not having worked with squares for a year, boy, they are pretty mindless, once you get them on the wall.

But halfway through, I was struck by that element, how I didn’t have to think very hard to simply sew squares together, then attach those rows into a cohesive whole.   Not that I was bored, but….  I felt eased by the repetitive nature of it, also thankful it was just ten squares per row, ten rows in total.  After working improvisationally for a year, I couldn’t go back to merely doing patchwork.  But it was nice for a change.

Perhaps amid basketball playoffs and the Giants in Arizona tonight I’ll whip through what remains to be done; iron the flannel backing fabric, cut out some batting, baste it into a little quilt sandwich.  Or I’ll veg in front of the TV, hmmmm….  I’d like to hand-quilt this, but we’ll see how time permits.  I just feel very accomplished, maybe due to the more complicated projects that are too big for their britches.  Or quilt walls, whatever.

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